Period Period Period!!!!!

Is saying “period” offensive?  Last night we were dinning in the fine ABC Country Restaurant when I exclaimed in a loud-ish fashion “She hasn’t got her period yet?” referring to my sister in law who’s had a baby over a year ago.  This one lady behind me whipped around and looked at me.  I notice from the corner of my eye so I kinda made sure to say it kinda loud-ish again.  That was, again, followed by a look.  I never though the word period was offensive.  We hear it like a million times a day on the TV, “have a happy period”.  At least I wasn’t describing the blood and the clots and the soggy tampons that come with it.  I never thought just the simple word “period” could make a person upset, especially a younger person.  Her eyes followed me with glares on my way out of the place as well.  My goodness, I’m surprised she didn’t call social services on me because, by the way she was looking at me, I’m sure she didn’t see me fit to be a mother.  You’d think if I said something like “ejaculation” or “he has really bad herpes” I perhaps would have gotten looks.  But not simple “period”.  Oh well, I guess the word “period” affords such looks, I’ll make sure to say it loudly in every restaurant I go to from now on.  I just don’t understand but I guess I’m the girl who tells anyone anything about myself.  I made sure my husband video-taped my placenta and my catheter bag when giving birth.  I also asked the nurse if she’d like to take the placenta home to make soup with (she gracefully declined my offer).  I don’t really find much gross or offensive unless someone’s just downright mean.  Oh well, I think I’ll just continue being myself because I like it!  Just blame my grotesque nature on my older siblings (except Jennie though).

Lunch turned out lovely yesterday.  Silas was a bit weirded out with the crowd and so many Grandmas and Grandpas but he did alright.  The soup was really yummy, I wish I had leftovers.  I’m definitely making it again.  Here’s the link to the recipe.  I made it with half the butter and 2% milk and it was definitely rich enough.  I didn’t add the milk or thicken it until the end because I would have scorched it for sure.  Milk tastes better if it doesn’t really boil long anyway. I also added more taters and one more leek.  It was VERY good and simple.

Today is another check-up with the doc.  MIL is coming with me so she can hear the heartbeat.  I wish she could make it for the delivery as well but she’d like to come after my mom has been here.  I’m weird and I like a bunch of people in the delivery room so I thought she’d like to be a part of it.  Oh well, she can hear the heartbeat today anyway.  My SIL’s are pretty private about their birthing so I thought I’d be her only chance.  It’s kinda hard to make it to a birth when you live half way across the country as well. ha ha.

I’ve been sleeping much better lately and that makes me happy.  Getting to sleep is a little hard with a plugged nose but I guess I’ll just have to live with it.  One of the many joys of being pregnant.  I’m sure I’ve missed something I wanted to talk about but this is starting to get lengthy so I’ll stop talking now.

OH, I remembered what I wanted to say.  NEVER give a toddler a scoop of ice cream near bed time.  We did it to keep him happy in ABC last night and it really worked but then he was up until 9:30 playing gleefully in his crib.  It wasn’t chocolate or anything.  Anyway, that’s the tip for today.  I smell poop.


  1. i would have looked right at her and said “what? haven’t had your period in a while either?” haha. crazy women. ahh. anyway! i too, ate ice cream and was up very late last night… 🙂

  2. ha ha I guess I’m not too jealous though, I’ve only had it 4 times in over two years. I just wanted to go up behind her and get really close to her ear and whisper “period” and run.

  3. I have tears in my eyes from laughing at your comment. You so should’ve done that.

    I wish I had asister who would let me in the delivery room. I kinda wish I could’ve seen Sophies birth… oh well

  4. Gosh, welcome to a overtly politically-correct world. I would have given her the finger. It’s sad that something that every woman goes through and experiences is frowned upon… Who did she think she was? some idiot who excretes rose petals once a month or something? hahaha.

  5. I’m like you – I would have said it again a few times, just to annoy her. I mean .. gimme a break! Would she prefer you said “menstrual flow”?

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