The In-laws Have Arrived

The in-laws arrived yesterday and we were able to spend a few hours with them in their hotel room eating pizza and cake, yum!  I’m very excited to spend the next few weeks with them and have them get to know Silas a bit more.  It’s 8am and I usually don’t write at this time, normally I’m not even awake but I couldn’t get back to sleep.  Chim chim thought it was a good time to do his morning exercises.  I got to bed at a decent hour last night so I think I’m ok.  Silas is playing happily in his crib and I’ve been going through lunch details in my mind.  My parents will be here for lunch on their way through to Vancouver so I also invited MIL and FIL for lunch as well.  My sis in law, Leanne, will be here with her son too.  Good thing Silas will be napping most of the time so Lucas can play in peace without being sat upon.  We had him up high last night so Silas’ little bum couldn’t reach him.

Silas was pretty cute this morning when I went in to give him toys.  I gave him his cow puppet and he said “cow, moo” how clever.  Well probably not terribly clever but he’s never said “cow” and “moo” together.  That’s almost a sentence and remember, he’s frightened of the mooo.

So for lunch today we’ll be having strawberry spinach salad, potato and leek soup, and cornbread.  It’s my first time with the soup so I hope it’s ok.  I hope Silas is ok with me making food.  I haven’t really expressed my love for cooking on here much.  I guess it’s mainly because I’m nearing D day with this pregnancy and I don’t cook as exciting as I used to.  I’m really just craving chicken with rice or taters and veggies.  Good old mom cookin, although my mom decided after I left to get more into cooking different things.  Thanks mom!  That’s ok though, she’s cute.

Anyway, that’s all folks.  Lets hope that the collide of Silas’ grandparents goes well.  There could be teeth and nails, just kidding.  MIL, FIL and my parents all read this so I can’t make too much fun of them.  Good thing I like them all or else I wouldn’t be able to vent.  Anyway, I guess it’s time to clean up.  We can’t have these people think I keep my house messy most of the time now can we?


  1. Mmmmm… can I come for lunch? 🙂 I’m sure your soup will turn out just fine – I don’t think I’ve ever had bad potato and leek soup!

    Have fun with your in-laws and your parents!

    ps. I assume that chim chim is your “peanut”, your new baby?

  2. It’s a cute name for a fetus! We don’t really have a special name for ours, other than Red October (when we would have to search and search and search for the heart beat, my husband often referred to it as “sonar”, and… well, that led to The Hunt for Red October). We just call her baby for the most part.

    My parents called theirs “Pat” because it was a non-gender specific name, and because everyone would pat my step-mom’s belly. Cute!

  3. Potato leak soup is _so_ easy, as long as you have an immersion blender. Chop up some bacon, fry it in a Dutch oven on medium to render the fat and crisp the bits, then remove the bits and fry the sliced leaks in the fat (make sure to rinse them thoroughly – leaks have lots of dirt inside). Add the potatoes, simmer in chicken stock until tender, and then blend the whole thing until smooth. Then make a simple roux with butter and flour, and stir that in to thicken the soup (stir some soup in the roux first, then add that to the rest of the soup, to avoid lumps). Salt and white pepper to taste. Sprinkle the bacon bits on top when you serve. You can also skip the bacon and fry the leaks in butter, but why skip the bacon, right?

  4. Ha ha, thanks for the tips. I read it after it was already done though. It was definitely a hit!! No bacon though, I thought about it but there was enough butter!!

    Pat’s funny, like the character on SNL.

    Brad’s a bit of a dill weed now isn’t he?

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