16 Months Old

I just realized that Silas is now 16 months old.  Oh to have a birthday every month, I guess we’ve all been through it though.  I can’t believe the changes that happen from month to month.  This past month his vocabulary has really taken off.  He’s learned up, down, shower, water, food, hungry, nose, eyes, hair, cheerios (kinda), hi, bye, poo poo, pee pee, again.  That’s all I can think of, those are just the new words from this past month.  Man, when you write them out, it seems like a lot.  A few days ago he finally got the difference between up and down and now says “up up up up up up up” when he wants up.  That word is slowly becoming rather frequent but I’m glad he’s telling me what he wants.  When you have a child who’s learning to talk, you notice all the words you say as habit.  When he’s all done with a cuddle, he looks up at me and says “hi” which I guess is something I’ve said to him when he looks at me but I don’t remember.  He also says “kay” a lot after “all done” because that’s what I usually say.  Last night he said “poo poo” as he was pooping which is something new but I guess happened in the 16th month, not the 15th.  It’s still progress that’s worth noting though.  He’s also constantly surprising me with his singing.  I can’t believe how much he remembers from the songs we listen to daily.

He’s also found it rather funny lately to back into people and sit on them.  He finds this most hilarious when his little cousin Lucas is here.  He’s constantly trying to sit on the poor guy.  Lucas came for a visit a few nights ago and Silas promptly poked him in the eye and said “eye” (which he does to a lot of babies) and then proceeded to try to sit on him the entire time.  Lucas thinks Silas is a super star so he really likes the attention.  The one time Silas actually succeeded  in sitting on Lucas, Lucas laughed his head off.  Yesterday, he tried a lot with Emily and she didn’t mind so much, he didn’t do it as often though.  He did steam roll her a few times and crawl on her a little, not without consequence from mommy though.  He backs onto me frequently but I don’t mind, apparently it’s hilarious.

Another new joy Silas has found is climbing.  He can make it onto the couch now which is a large triumph for him.  He’s been working at that for a very long time now.  He’s also got the hang of standing on the heat registers when looking out the window.  Good thing that they don’t get really hot, it’s water heat.  Those things can’t heat this place up at all if it’s -5 outside.  Seeing that I’m in my 3rd trimester, they aren’t usually on anyway, I’m way too hot.

Silas was really easy to wean a few months ago but he hasn’t forgotten about nursing at all, a few days ago he tried to nurse in the shower.  He was pretty sad when I said no.  I was really sad too, I wish I could let him.  I really hope he forgets in the next few months or he’s going to be upset when he sees someone else sucking on his baboos.

I’ve really learned to be more patient with him this last month.  I lost my patience a few times when he wouldn’t nap yesterday.  He spent 4 hours (minus a few mins for lunch) in his crib and played but didn’t sleep.  That was a first.  I’ve fallen even more in love with the little guy which always seems impossible but then happens so easily.   I look forward to next month’s new discoveries and growth.  Anyway, that’s Silas’ monthly update.  Cheers.
Oh no, I had taken a few photos of him standing on the heat register this morning but I just realized the CF card wasn’t in the camera.  I’ll try and find something to put up anyway, just cuz he’s cute to look at!


Here’s Silas and Auntie Jules with foamy milk moustaches from her latte.  Don’t worry, he didn’t actually drink coffee.  Taken a few months ago.

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