Buying a Car and a Visit From Cootie!

Not much to talk about today. I can’t write for long because I want to get my house cleaned up for Courtenay and Emily. They should be here in a few hours if the highways are OK. I’m very excited to see them. Courtenay (Cootie) was my best friend in high school, we lived across the street from each other so we spent a lot of time together. It’s fun that we have babies at the same time. Recently she’s been putting some photos of us in high school up on her blog, they’re cute. Anyway, this is going to be short. SO much to do. I’d like my house clean before the in-laws make it here tomorrow. It’s going to be two busy weeks of visiting.

Wow it’s hailing like crazy outside. I just need some sunshine already! Oh it stopped, stupid weather.

I just have one question. Does any of my readers own a Subaru Outback? I think I want to get one. Our car, VW Golf, is way too small for us now. The stroller hardly fits in the hatchback. I caught my husband looking at Kia minivans and I laid an egg. NO WAY! I don’t think I can bring myself to get a minivan and a Kia at that, their cheap prices freak me out. So there’s all these things in my mind, should we sell the VW or trade it? Is there anything I’d like more than an Outback? I love the idea that it’s AWD so we can take it camping. I don’t want an SUV either. I think we’ll go take one for a spin this weekend and see if we like it. I’m sure we will, they’re beautiful cars. Anyway, any input on that would be lovely. It’s getting close to D day and I’d like larger car for that.

Just a little update, I’m not feeling very sick today. Looks like I just had some symptoms and then nothing really bad came of it. It still took me forever to get to sleep last night, past 12 am. I went to bed at 10 :(. With peeing and a stuffy nose and thinking and baby waking and Brent SNORING it was very difficult.  Mommy, I’m not sleeping through the night anymore…come help me!  This morning some nice Canada geese woke me up with their lovely trumpeting. I was wishing I had a shotgun. GO BACK TO THE LAKE!!! Who knows why they were hanging out in the downtown part of a city!! Anyway, I’m off to clean up. I don’t want little Emily choking on gross bits on my floor.


Silas and Daddy having a cuddle and watching the game. Silas has Thomas the Tank Engine in his hands. My hubby is such a HUNK! This was taken last night.


  1. Don’t know anything about the car. I can offer this advice (even tho everybody knows this already – except for somebody who hasn’t had kids (my Zia)) don’t get a two door car! 🙂 It sucks to get kids in the back of a two-door. I want an SUV, a big truck or a van. Someday…….

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