Spring Has Sprungeth

Ahhh, spring is in the air.  Well, the air is full of rain but I’m seeing the cherry blossom tree starting to bud and other flowering plants.  That’s one thing I LOVE about this area is the early spring and all the beautiful flowering trees and bushes, it’s so lovely.  I just wish the rain would stop, it’s really getting to me.  But it does make the grass green and the trees bloom, looking on the bright side here.

I’m in week 29 of the pregnancy, man it’s going by fast.  My weight gain has slowed which makes me happy, I shot up really fast there for a while but it’s slowed way down.  I’m SO tired now.  I have to keep telling myself to not feel so bad about the house not being clean, I’m third thrimestering, this is hard work.  Plus I’ve come down with something that’s making me feel ill.  Just lately I’ve been able to actually play with some body parts in my tummy, I think it’s elbows or knees.  At any rate it’s a lot of fun to actually poke the baby back and bond a little.  He’s so close yet so stinking far away.  I wish they could install a plexy-glass window so I could watch him grow.  My nephew Lucas was already on the outside at this time so I know what my son looks like at this point, skinny and alien-like.  I really can’t believe how feisty this child is, it kind of scares me.  Silas is so laid back and relaxed, this one might not be.  YIKES.

I just took this Canadian IQ test and I’m not very happy with the results.  I don’t think math has much to do with IQ, it has to do with weather or not you applied yourself in Math class, which i didn’t.  51% in math 11 thank you!  Apparently I don’t have much logic either, oh well.  You can take the test here if you wish.  Anyway, at least I’m rockin in the perception department, my memory is good too.  woot.

Anyway, as you can see, I really have nothing exciting to write about.  I’m looking forward to seeing Courtenay and Emily tomorrow and then seeing the in-laws on Wednesday and having pizza in their hotel room.  Silas is going to have a blast playing in the hotel pool too I think.  And eating pizza.  That’s all folks!


  1. Ha ha ha! Rob and I were having dinner with a couple from our church who are expecting in April. We decided that we needed a window in our bellies, too, with a light like the oven! Funny how people who’ve never met can have the same idea at similar times! 🙂

  2. Also – glad to hear that there *might* be a slow down in the weight gain department. I’ve been kind of freaking out lately about how much I’ve been gaining, so I’m hoping that it will slow.

    I also blame the 5 pounds in one week on our vacation and poor food choices (that? And everything I put into my mouth likes to go directly to my butt).

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