Fun With Hair

Yesterday* we had our hair day at Jennie’s house. Jules, Jennie, Amanda and Brent all got their hair done. I thought I’d provide some before and after photos for you all to enjoy. For some odd reason Jennie and her daughters Ali and Amanda decided it was pink PJ day also so they look rather funny. Although my body really hurt by the end, I had a lot of fun. I really enjoy the quick and easy gratification I get from doing hair. Today made me think I might want to go and do it again in the future. Anyway, this blog is all about the photos. I’m not going to do b&w this time because you need to get the full experience of the pink day and the dye in Juliet’s hair.

They dragged Silas in on the Pink PJ day, good thing he looks fantastic in pink!


Amanda wanted all her hair cut OFF. She’s donating it to be made into wigs for kids with cancer.


The hair is ALL GONE! Now to make it look good


And she’s done. It took a long time to make her hair look blended in the back. She’s 1/2 native and that hair is STRONG!


Jennies before shot, she’s so preeeeety.

hairday11.jpg hairday12.jpg
And after. (I couldn’t get these two shots even with eachother and I give up!)


Jules before…she’s looking rather questionable…


…and after. HOLA!

*yesterday was really today (Saturday) but I already did a post today so I wont do one on Sunday. Just think of this as Sunday’s post!


  1. Wow… great work! And I’m a long haired freak who is too attached to her LONG hair! I love all the resulting styles.

    Applause for Amanda! She has made one kid’s life more enjoyable through her donation. I don’t even know if “I” could do something like that and I’m 46 years old!

  2. Oh Man you’re good. I need a cut soooo bad, so does Cornelius. Guess when Air Canada is making its last trip to your town…2 days before chim chim’s b-date! I can’t believe they’re canceling that flight again. I would love to help you put together a professional portfolio for when you go back to work. it would be awesome! Do you take pictures of Jules ladies when you cut their hair? Bye awesome goddess of hair!

  3. Hi. Amanda’s Mom here. Amanda looooves her haircut. She was very delighted that it looks like Maria’s from Sound of Music. Just had to let you know that this morning Amanda turned into a tweener. I think the haircut did it. She never cared terribly much about clothes, but that all changed this morning. “I want to wear green.” “With the black shirt or the pink shirt?” “The pink one.” That was where the fun began. She desperately wanted to wear tights. But her VERY FAVORITE pink tights are stained. *tears* Her other pink tights are nowhere to be found. “Oh wait – I found them.” Then they had a big hole in them. *tears* I suggested we switch to the black shirt and black tights. That was fine, as long as she could wear tights. Then came the primping. I think she put 4 different types of lotion on. I had to smell each shiny cheek separately because they each had a different lotion on. Yikes! Thanks a lot, Leah!

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