Just a Regular Update

I’m sooooo tired.  Brent and I went to a wedding last night and once we got home, we talked in bed for a super long time about his work.  The wedding was nice.  It was nice to get away with my hubby and enjoy free food.  The food was really good too!  The wedding was super traditional which isn’t really my piece of cake but whatever.  Every time I go to a wedding with loads of free booze I’m always pregnant and it’s so not fair.  I didn’t expect booze at this wedding but there it was…staring me in the face saying “you can’t drink me you poor loser”.  It’s not like I’m a boozer but I really enjoy the flavours of most alcohol and I love tasting wine.  It was nice to talk to our Care Group whom we sat with…we haven’t been there for weeks.  I always open my mouth and say stupid, perverted things.  Brent loves it because I’m just wacky and out there.  Then I realize I’m like sitting with church leadership.  Oooops.  Oh well, I’m all about being authentic!
Remember last week when I was thinking Silas was in a new phase of his life and he just needed me more?  I kinda mentioned a while ago that he had gotten a tooth and I hadn’t noticed.  I felt like a tool.  He’s totally back to his normal self again.  Except now he’s not because I think he’s getting another one.  The poor kid has gotten 6 teeth since Christmas and is starting on his molars now.  He’s practically lived on Motrin, his poor little tum tum.

The other day I was talking on the phone while feeding Silas his “power oatmeal” and once he was done I brought him to the bathroom and washed his face.  I put him down and he just fell to the floor is despair.  Since I was talking on the phone, I had forgotten to brush his teeth and boy did that put a damper on his day.  I quickly picked him up and gave them a good brush and then he was as happy as a clam and he went on his way.  Mom was proud of him, she’s a hygienist.  She was also proud of him this morning when I called her to say he was singing along to Josh Grobin.

Chim Chim is growing a lot.  He’s so strong and active in my tummy.  A lot more than Silas which freaks me out.  He might be a more difficult baby, or maybe not.  He jars my whole body sometimes.  I’m so excited to meet him in June, I’m hoping he’ll come at the end of May though, the sooner I get to kiss his little lips the better!  I’m sure he’ll be delicious.  People have been telling me that I look good, I hope they’re not just being nice.  I feel like I look better this pregnancy, probably because I started off a lot skinnier this time.  My third trimester has just come and it feels like it’s hit me like a ton of bricks.  No energy, nauseated, peeing constantly, etc.  At least it’s going by fast!

Anyway, that’s the update from our house.  Not exciting but hopefully not too boring.  I’m might take a shower with Silas now, he’s been asking all morning.  Then I’m going to get stoked for doing a bunch of hair this afternoon.  Jennie and Juliet need some hair love and they deserve it for all the babysitting they do.  I was trying to get Jennie to let me put pink in her hair…she said no, BORING!!!


  1. Awww… I’d let you put pink in my hair. Anything to get someone to do my hair for me! 🙂 Its been WAY too long! I love that Silas is all about the teethbrushing. The Baby won’t let me come near her mouth with a toothbrush without total lockdown. We even have a toothbrush song that we sing. But no, she just smiles and giggles with her mouth closed!

  2. I get to see you in a couple days! I’m not leaving until Tuesday now, but I’m stopping on the way down. I’m super stoked to see you guys. Emily wants to chase Silas and bite his foot. Yay I’m excited already.

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