What I Love About You

My darling Silas, I’ve known you for almost 16 months and I must say, you’ve impacted my life in a way no one else has. You turned my world upside-down and I wouldn’t have it any other way. You’ve shown me that I’m not as selfish as I thought I was and that I can stick to something if it’s really worth it. You’re so worth it. There’s so many things I love about you and here’s just a few.

I love it when you’re naked, it makes you look so little. I love it when you’re all dressed up, you look like such a big boy. I love the smile on your face and the way your eyes look when you feel so special. I love how you open your mouth extra wide every time I go to spoon something in your mouth. I love it when you kiss me, it seems to rare these days. I love our after nap cuddles and the warm fuzzy feeling I get every single time. I love how you love music so much, it’s my dream come true that my little boy loves to sing. I love it when you sing along to a song I didn’t even know you knew. It surprises me every time. Your big, juicy bottom lip drives me nuts, I just want to kiss it all of the time. I love how you giggle when I’m chewing on your meaty little thighs…and your ribs. You’re very tasty and extra adorable when you giggle. You have a perfect bum. I love Cheerio kisses! I love it when you reach for my head and bring it down so you can smell my hair and say “mmmmmm”, you’re so gentle and tender at those times. I love it when you share your food with me, sometimes you pretend to give it to me and then quickly stick it in your mouth, that makes me laugh. I love how excited you get when Daddy comes home, your love for each other is just as important to me as our love for each other, when Daddy loves you he loves me also. I love our showers together, when you sit on my lap and demand songs over and over and over. Your body used to just cover my abdomen and now, with my tummy and with how much you’ve grown, it’s hard for us to fit. I loved to nurse you and I miss it so much, I’m tempted to start again just because I love being so close to you. I love the way you run around nude like a crazy person when you’ve just had a shower or bath. I don’t love it so much when you pee on the floor, I really don’t mind though. I love it when you get so excited about animals, I feel the same way you do. I love how much you love your aunties and how special they are to you in different ways. You aren’t so close to your uncles but one day they’ll be incredibly special too. I love just watching you and trying to comprehend that you’re actually mine. You can entertain me for hours. I love your relaxed face when you’re zoned or listening to a song. I love kissing you, you better get used to it because I’m going to do it forever! I love watching you cuddling or playing with your Daddy, you two are my world. The most wonderful thing that I love about you is that even if all these things faded away I’d love you just as much, You’ve shown me what unconditional love means and I love it so much!

There’s so many more things that I could list…


  1. our children how they make or break a mother’s happiness, and yes the sure can bring immense joy . You are blessed Leah.

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