Deciphering The Code

The time has come, and I must say I’ve been looking forward to this stage in Silas life. He’s starting to say more and more things and now he has his own words that aren’t so much…English. So, it’s time to decipher the code! (I feel like I need theme music in this part) I especially look forward to doing this around other people because to them it’s just gibberish but to me, no, I understand and therefore I’m a genius! OK not really but I’ve always been impressed with moms that can understand a bunch of nonsense streaming from a drooly toddler.

I’ll let you in on the code and perhaps see if you can help me a bit with the one that I’m not getting. Some things Silas says very perfectly like “car”, “cookie” (of course) and “shower”. He used to say “down” properly but now it’s “dowa” and means both up and down at this point. Then there’s the ones that aren’t so perfectly pronounced, this is his “ah trio”. There’s “adah”, “agah” and the most puzzling “abah”.

“Adah” simply means “all done” even if he’s not all done, it’s something that’s said during mealtime rather frequently. I use this for many things, like getting him out of the bathroom. Now when he hears mommy flush the toilet he says “adah” and he’s on his way (usually). Sometimes it’s said full of tears because we’re finished something enjoyable and then it’s said over and over in a very sad voice. Now moving on to “agah” which is simply “again” and has been used to make me sing the Doxology a dozen or so times in the shower. He’s a good Christian baby, ha-ha. Now comes the puzzling “abah” which I thought I had figured out. It has many translations apparently. So far I know it means “on your bum” and “change your bum”. Last night in the tub he’s got up onto his feet but crouched on his haunches, looked at me all saucy-like and said “abah”. He wants me to tell him to sit on his bum. He did that roughly 10 times and it was very adorable. When I say “change your bum” he also says “abah” and runs to his room. Now here’s where I’ve lost him, when I say “No”, he says it through tears or sometimes he says it during happy times and runs to his room or the front door. I think sometimes he just wants me to go play in his room but I really have no idea why it comes after a “no”. It’s frustrating because it’s be frequent these past few days!

There’s our code thus far. I love his little language and I love being able to know what he wants from me. I’ll try to get some video of him reading a book soon which is in his own language completely, but it’s darn cute and he really looks like he knows what he’s talking about. So here’s to language and enjoying seeing someone learn and explore it for the first time.


  1. Make sure to teach him to say “out” not “oot” so he can give a “shout out” to his homies, not a “shoot oot.” That’s why there are no famous Canadian rappers–unless you want to consider Bare Naked Ladies semi-rappers.

  2. I LOVED when my daughter reached that stage. I did baby signs with her so she was able to communicate pretty early but nothing compares to their actual words!

  3. In our house, “obus” means open, and “mum-mum” is a generic term for food. Some animals are known by names while others by the sound they make.

    And all forms of alcohol are called “booze.” But I consider that more astute observation than baby talk.

    The worst part of him learning to speak is that I’M the one internalizing the words — and then using his versions at inappropriate times, like at work. “Would you like some mik for your fff-fff-coffee?”

    Hey, who’s talking about Canadian rappers up there? What about Snow? Maestro Fresh Wes? Master P? Oh wait, I see your point…

  4. I miss booze.

    Was Snow rap or more regae? Either way if you’re from Canada you shouldn’t do either. Nelly Furtado has been rapping a little.

    There’s many words for food here. The baby sign for “more”, “foo”, and “WAHHHHHHHHHHHH”. Sometimes the baby sign for food appears but not usually.

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