Toddler Food

I thought I’d share some of the things I like to feed my son that he really loves too. I’m a pretty health conscious person and I really want to give my son a good diet so here’s a few things we make around here to keep him healthy!

Power Oatmeal

This is so quick and easy and Silas is nuts about it. I can’t believe all the goodness he gets from this simple meal. He eats it every morning and ever night before bed.

1/3 cup large flake oats

1/2 banana

2/3 cups water (and then a touch more)

2 tbsp ground flax

1 tbsp wheat germ

put the oatmeal in a bowl and cover with water. Break up the banana and add that in too. Cook in the microwave for 5 minutes on half power (or else it’ll boil all over the place). Once it’s done add the flax and wheat germ and perhaps some milk to cool it down and voila! This takes a few mins to cool down so prepare for that. The flax is great for the omega fatty acids (just don’t cook them with the oats) and the wheat germ adds loads of iron. Omega Fatty acids are really good for brain development in young children so make sure they get their share of them!
Toddler Soup

I just started making this and Silas REALLY loves it. It makes for a very healthy lunch. What I do is take water and add some Better Than Bullion which can be found in the health food or organic section of the grocery store. Please don’t use OXO or something else with loads of salt and gross things!! Then you can grate in whatever veggies you like. Carrots, zucchini, onion, garlic…etc. Then I add in broken up Instant Stir-Fry Noodles that are in the Asian section. The brand name is Six Fortune. Rice noodles would work really well too, or add some brown rice to it…perhaps already cooked. Once everything is lovely and tender I beat an egg and then stir that in for some yummy protein. You can also use lentils or beans or quinoa. Anyway, I just add a couple of ice cubes to the mix to cool it down and he’s very happy with his lunch!


Rooibos tea is an excellent thing for you and your kids to be drinking. Infants can have it too if you mix it in with some breast-milk. It calms the tummy, has no caffeine, is a major antioxidant…google it, you’ll be impressed. Silas LOVES drinking this and it’s a good alternative to juice as well. He drinks it all down pretty quickly which makes me happy because I’m always concerned about his fluid intake. I just put a teabag in his sippy and pour just a little boiling water over it to let it steep and then I take out the tea bag and fill it with cool water so he can drink it right away. You don’t need to sweeten it but if you want to (I do) then I’d use some stevia which can be found at your health food store or in the organic section of your market. It’s an all natural sweetener with no calories. Don’t get me started on why it’s not more common….it makes me too mad! Anyway, my son loves this soooo much. You could even pour cool juice in it to sweeten if they don’t like the flavour but I tend to stay away from the juice.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I’m sure I’ll post more at other times.


This is Silas enjoying some not so traditional toddler food. He’s gnawing on a raw potato. Under supervision of course. It kept him happy for about 45 minutes!


  1. Emily Loves her power oatmeal too now. Im going to start adding the wheat germ this week. Gotta love that the Flax helps with the poopys.She like rooibos tea too. Ill have to try the toddler soup. It sounds yummy. Cant wait to see you next ya

  2. You’ve got another power oatmeal convert! Gabriel eats oatmeal now every morning, so just a matter of adding in all the yummies. I love your ideas and really impressed (I don’t say that lightly). Can’t wait to try your other ideas. I am also very conscious of my son’s diet, but struggle sometimes with coming up with healthy variety. I never thought that could eat a raw potato! Will try that, too.

  3. We love soup made from BTB around here. I go through those little jars so quickly. Last night, I minced a clove of garlic, shredded a carrot, chopped a few mushrooms, added some onion and parsley… sauteed all of that in some olive oil until tender… then added my broth made from Chicken BTB. Then, I added some instant brown rice (ran out of time for the real thing). Quick, easy, yummy, healthy side dish with dinner, and four people out of five loved it at the dinner table, which isn’t bad. Someone always doesn’t like something, so I go by votes. 😀

  4. Hi there! Love the picture with the potato – so cute! Just wanted to mention that most of the “Better Than Bouillon” (if not all) contain MSG in the form of ‘yeast extract,’ as listed on the label. So far, the only chicken broth I’ve found that doesn’t have it is Pacific Foods Chicken Broth. Of course, it’s more expensive because it’s not a base and it also contains “natural flavors” – whatever those are!

    Thanks for the tips. I also make Power Oatmeal for my little one and most of the time, she loves it!


    Allie (another toddler mom)

  5. I just looked at the label and it doesn’t have yeast extract but it does say spice extract and I know msg is hidden under “spices” a lot. I’m going to investigate further!

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