Canucks Game Tonight!

So I read up on it and yes, there is a hormone that comes back into play in your third trimester that can make you ill.  Just my luck hey?  Last pregnancy I was still barfing everyday at this point so I didn’t notice.  I’m not even close to barfing, I’m just feeling icky.  I think I was really overtired yesterday because I felt really odd.  Along with my headache, I was constantly hungry and I ate constantly.  In the evening I felt REALLY funny.  It was like my body felt weird, it wasn’t a sick feeling or a pain, it was just weird and it felt urgent like something bad was about to happen.  It felt like something was coming on and perhaps if I stood I was going to fall to the floor and have a seizure.  It was very odd, I almost started to panic.  Anyway, getting to bed at 9:30 really helped a lot.  Throughout the night I drank about 5 or 6 big glasses of water, I was just guzzling like a maniac.  Very strange.  Perhaps my body has just switched from second to third trimester mode.  I have no hope of having a little dry boobie time before the next baby comes, I’m still leaking like an old tap even though we quit nursing quite some time ago.  It’s all part of my overactive mammary problem I’ve been talking about.  I was leaking this much my third trimester last time too, I’m still making milk though.  I feel like I should be putting it to use, I need to be a wet nurse for someone or something.

Silas cut a tooth without me even noticing.  I kinda try to keep an eye on his gums to see what’s going on.  The more teeth he has, the harder it is to look because once my fingers get in there they get chomped on.  Perhaps that’s why he was so grumpy last week.  Ha ha…silly me.  Oh well, at least we made it through without his tummy being full of Motrin this time.  I really hate giving that stuff to him.  Speaking of teeth, I didn’t realize that there were still people out there that give their children bottles of things other than water in the crib.  I recently found out that someone I kinda know has been doing it and now the babies teeth are rotting.  GRRRRRR!!  It’s weird, no matter how much people try to raise awareness there’s always the people who think they’re invincible or something.  The thing is, this child you’re taking care of is really not YOURS.  They are their own person and it’s up to you to give them the best life you possibly can.  Now if you’re too lazy to properly train your child to go to sleep and they result in having to get their baby teeth pulled at such a young age, I’d call that child abuse.  It makes me so mad when people just think they can do whatever with their kids because they feel a sense of complete ownership over them.  I can do what I want with MY own kid.  No you can’t.  This little life is in your hands but you better respect that it’s someone else’s life you’re dealing with here.  That’s kinda my parenting motto.  Anyway, it makes me so mad when people are just so lazy.  Rotting teeth is a really big deal!!  GRRRRR.

Anyway, enough ranting.   There’s a kitchen to be cleaned (of course) and laundry to be done and a Hockey game to go to tonight!!  Canucks are gunna win, I can feel it!!! (I know my title is about Canucks and I really didn’t talk about them, it was mainly a bit of a ploy to get more readers…I’m so sneaky!).

Also, I’m getting really disturbed at how many hits my site gets from people googling things like “I love peeing my pants” or “i love to see mom peeing” (that was from today).  I guess there’s more people out there that are into that sorta thing than I thought.  I need to stop talking about peeing so much!!


 Daddy is sneaking in a cuddle a few weeks ago.


  1. I don’t know why I know this (too much time online, maybe?) but some hospitals run milk banks, so if you really want to put your extra milk to work, you could pump it and donate it. I’m not sure that I would want to go through the trouble (especially if you’re not close to a hospital that accepts donations), as you’d probably be making a visit every day (depending on how much you pump, etc.). But the option is there.

    Um… found you through MyKidsMom.

  2. I sure will Brad.

    Kait- ya, I’ve thought of that but the closest hospital is an hour away and you need to use your own pump too which I don’t have, oh well. They need to have stations in every city where you can just go and hook up whenever you want…hook up hook up to a pump, I’d feel like a cow, it would be funny.

  3. Yeah that would be funny! It’s like the reverse gas station “Empty them up!” Creepy.

    Too bad they don’t make it more available for more people to contribute. I have no idea what pumping is like and how long it takes (I assume that I’ll have to deal with that at some point after the baby’s born), but I can’t imagine sitting around using a hand pump for hours on end just to get a little relief.

  4. I had a hand pump and it sucked. I could get more out just by using my hands. I would totally go out and hook up to a machine once a day and donate milk. It’s not set up well. Oh well. I’d even go and nurse babies in the NicU too or whatever…I’d like that. There’s enough milk to go around!

  5. Every couple of days, I get visitors who found me searching for “pictures of indian women breastfeeding” and various derivations thereof (because I sometimes blog about breastfeeding, and my homemade Indian food). Which just further proves the age-old truism: there is a market for every possible kind of niche porn.

  6. Did you take Silas to the game? We took Nicholas on the weekend and he actually watched the game! 7 months old and already a Canucks fan! He also met Fin, which was fun.

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