A Case of the Mondays

I’m so stinking tired.  So tired, in fact, that I might actually take a nap today.  I’m not a big “napper” the last one I took was weeks ago in MB and it actually really made me feel better.  It was the perfect length.  I’ve been feeling rather nauseated lately as well.  Are there weird hormones that come in around the third trimester that can make you feel icky?  I just haven’t felt right at all.  It’s usually in the mornings and evenings too, not such a sharp nausea as morning sickness is though.  I still had morning sickness by this time with Silas.  I dunno how you’re supposed to feel at this time.  Gosh, how did I survive that?

I’ve decided that Mondays suck!  Years ago my mom took Mondays off and every single Monday I still think she has the day off so I think of calling her…and then I remember.  My Sister Jill is at school a lot of the day on Monday so we can’t have our hour long conversation about…whatever it is we talk about.  I always have no energy on Monday either.  I just wanna sleep.  Perhaps I’m just tired from the weekend, mine are SO exciting these days!!  That was a big, fat, lie.  Anyway, I guess today I have a case of the Mondays.  It effects us “non working” people as well too!

Oooo, just found out my sister Juliet is sick, that’s such good news.  I have someone to talk to!!  Oh wait, is that selfish?

Silas has been in a very good mood today.  When he started to get cranky I turned on the TV and we cuddled to the last 15 minutes of Sesame Street before his nap.  I think my son is going to be a bit of a romantic.  He’s such a snuggler and about 500 times a day he reaches for my hair and pulls it into his face for a loooonnng wiff and then says “mmmmmm”.  He’s very gentle with my hair unlike other children and he seems to really enjoy the smell for some reason.  I think it might be because everything we use in this house is unscented so when there’s something yummy to smell it might be a little exciting.  He still does it though when it hasn’t been washed in a while and is kinda stinky…who knows.  He’s a hair guy.  A boob and hair guy…how exciting.  We haven’t heard the boobie song here in a while though.  Since he’s been weaned, his fascination with them has dwindled.

Silas’ word lately is “bye” and he knows how to use it properly as well.  He says it very slow as to get all the right sounds in it.  I find that his words take on extra syllables in attempts to make all the right sounds.  He’s very thorough.

Just to rub something in, Brent got some free tickets to see the Canucks tomorrow.  I’m very excited to go!  He gets to go twice this week the lucky bum.  I’m not such a fan of watching hockey on TV but it’s extra cool in real life.  We’re going to buy some 50/50 tickets.  Pray that we win!!

Anyway, I’m going to be extra boring today.  I’m just super tired and my back hurts and I want my mommy.   So that’s all, enjoy your day folks!


  1. its that extra hour. i feel the same way. i stayed up to watch rome last night (stupidly), and loosing an hour in the morning did not help when I got up!

  2. My son is gentle with my hair, too. He is also gentle with touching things… he LOVES his sense of touch. I am trying to encourage and nurture this sense in him as I am a toucher, too. It’s a major contributor to my perception, so I let him touch everything that will not harm him. I think this is a sense that is taken for granted.

  3. I agree that the 3rd trimester is really the worst. It was the only time during my pregnancies that I ever felt like throwing up.
    Isn’t it a shame that Mondays are always the catch-up days for things that you let slide over the weekend? But they are always the days that you are the most tired and don’t want to do anything. Hopefully your Tuesday is better!

  4. Reading this, I think I need to make the most of feeling fabulous (at 25 weeks)! I knew tiredness would set in big time in the third trimester, but I didn’t realise I might feel nauseous again…boooo!

    Take it easy and have a nap 🙂

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