I’ve started organizing our storage room in attempts to be able to put more stuff in it. Man I love a good purge. One thing I am definitely not, is a pack rat. I love getting rid of stuff. What troubles me about my apartment is that there isn’t much storage room and Silas’ closet has become the place for boxes and whatnot. I’m going to try to get as much stuff out of his closet and into the storage room. The storage room is full of shelves, we’ve kind of made it into our pantry as well. There’s already a bunch of stuff that I have to give away. Silas’ closet is going to be scary. I start out having a place organized and then I throw junk on top of the organization. It’s an ADD thing. We can only be anal for so long and then we get bored. Anyway, I’ve pretty much finished the storage room. Silas’ closet is next but he’s in there sleeping. I want to go through all the baby clothes I have and put all the proper sizes together so I can get at them easier with our new one. I guess I can get rid of newborn winter stuff maybe because this one is born in the summer. I’ll get rid of the stuff I didn’t use with Silas too, I know I wont use it for #2 if I didn’t use it for Silas. I really hope I can get that closet looking better. There’s hardly any room in Silas’ room anyway and we have to fit another crib in there soon. AHHHH.

Funny how I’m in an organizing mood and that paragraph was totally everywhere!

Speaking of organizing, we’re going to the bank today to get our money a bit more organized. We’re going to try and consolidate some debt and get an RRSP. We also want to talk about a mortgage but we’ll leave that for a bit. Once Brent gets a couple of pay checks with his raise on them we’ll go in perhaps. Not sure yet. Buying seems like the thing to do lately.

Anyway, pooper just woke up. He was SOOOO tired before his nap and then only slept an hour. I’m going to start on his closet. Wish me luck. I don’t have much stamina these days!

update.  Just finished Silas’ room.  I never realized how much storage an unused shower stall can really hold.  We never shower in our en-suite so you might as well fill it with boxes right?  I even did the unimaginable and got his exersaucer put away as well!! There was room!  Now Silas has a more organized closet full of more of his things and things that we’ll bring out when #2 arrives.  His dresser still needs some work but I’ll get there later.  I turned one of the bassinets into a toy box so he has more toys in his room!!  Woohoo!


  1. Yay for organizing. It’s so freeing to rid the house of clutter. Makes for a peaceful environment. I think even Emily notices when there is less clutter. I’m really excited to go to the coast in 2 weeks because we are going to go to Ikea and buy organizing stuff.

  2. this makes me want to clean and organize! ahh. we just moved into our new house today and tomorrow we are leaving for a week. i won’t be able to start on that for a whiiiile. good luck!

  3. Ah… to organize! We have access to the basement, so most of our stuff goes down there. We share it with our neighbor upstairs… talk about clutter! This spring we are supposed to get together and clean it out… can oddly, I can’t wait. Just got a plastic bin for Gabriel’s toys and it’s about time again to cull out the ones he’s grown out of.

    Now about my yarn stash….. that grows and grows and has permeated every spare nook and cranny I can find!

  4. I keep all my yarn in a little basket beside the couch. I don’t crochet enough to get too much built up everywhere. You reminded me that I should finish my project though. My sister showed me how to do a granny square and I just kept going. It’s not a very retro-looking blanket as I just used up all my sisters old ugly colors. I’m giving it to my brother for his VW van.

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