35 Weeks Pregnant!

So today I am 35 weeks pregnant, I can’t believe I am here already.  The final stretch has arrived.  I’m thinking 5 weeks is not when the baby is coming, I’m thinking a couple of weeks now.  My braxton hicks have gotten very weird and I’m feeling a lot of pressure in my bum when they happen.  That pressure is what’s making me think the baby is coming soon.  If he’s dropped then it’s a matter of days.  He better not have dropped, I really would like to keep him in there until 27 weeks when he’s full term.  The pressure is freaking me out though.  I feel it even if I’m laying down.  Anyone else have braxton hicks like this?  If I’m laying down I mainly feel pressure in my tail bone area…like right on my bum and if I’m standing I feel it where I more should be feeling it.  With Silas I had braxton hicks for weeks before he came. Never the pressure though.  Even if I’m not having a contraction I feel pressure on my tail bone.  I broke it once before so it’s extra sensitive. EWWWW Silas just came up on my lap and his pee stinks soooo bad!!  He ate like 6 stalks of asparagus last night.  Yucky, well yummy but yucky smelling pee pee.

I can’t tell if my blacking out the window helped at all but Silas slept until 6:30 which used to feel early but is a lot better than 5:30 or 6:00.  Perhaps it’ll take a few days for him to adjust his internal clock.  I really hope we get back to waking up at 7:30, that would be ideal.  His room is sure dark though.

I’ve just realized that my husband and I are tooootally different morning people.  It’s 7:30 and he’s already in a frenzy of picking up toys and making breakfast.  My morning at this time consists of cuddling with Silas and doing quiet things.  Brent’s very loud.  Oh well, we only get to have him here once or twice a week in the mornings so I guess I’ll deal with it.  I used to think he was mad but I guess he’s just a get up and go kinda guy.  Right now he’s behind me cooking up some hash browns, YUM.  He also does a lot of sneezing very loudly…he just did and I just about fell out of my chair.

I just want to look at houses now.  I want to stop typing, put Silas down and go to look at houses.  I’m feeling so excited about it, it’s unbelievable.  I had dreams about it all night last night and I just wanna do it NOW!!  The realtor said he’d call on Monday so we can get together and meet and whatnot.   AHHHHHH…this is too much fun.   I can’t wait to pick a place and then order all of the flooring and whatever else it’ll need.  This is going to be one organized operation.  It needs to be or else I’ll go batty.  I just hope the baby comes early so I can be healed.  I really like to get my hands dirty and help out.  I’m excited to try some new things.  Not excited to paint though, not at all.  I’m excited to pick paint colors though.  I have a can of paint from my mommy that I’d like to use because it’s that beautiful, warm, champagne color.  Yum.

Tonight we’re going to Jennie’s house to have a little birthday shindig for me!  This birthday has been drawn out and it’s nice.  I’ll have had three days of celebrating to some degree and it’s cool.  Brent came home early on my birthday and brought me these most amazing orange roses.  He saved me because Silas was driving me nutso that day.  Another day we celebrated by going to The Keg and I had steak and crab legs.  For my birthday, I just wanted Brent to decide to do something, plan it all and do it all on his own and that’s exactly what he did.  Perfect!  Anyway, it was great and the steak was stinking amazing!  I can’t believe how much I can eat these days.  Perhaps that’s why I’m almost 200 pounds again.  YIKES!


  1. Yay for birthday celebrations, and for Silas sleeping a bit later!

    My husband is a definite morning person too. Sometimes, I wish he would stay in bed and cuddle me, but unless he’s feeling sick, it lasts for all of 10 minutes then he has to get up! At least he’s quiet so I can still sleep – he plays on the computer or whatever.

    Good luck with the moving and the reno’s and stuff! It sounds like fun, but hard work. I’m not sure that I would want to be taking that on now… but what am I saying? We’re in the process of developing our basement!

  2. Embrace the different morning styles because they compliment each other and isn’t that what its all about in marriage. Glad to hear Silas slept longer this morning.

  3. congrats on making it to 35 weeks, that is when it seemed like the slowest for me. you are right on my tale… and you will probably have your baby before me, ha. i just have that feeling she will take her time coming out… others think she will be early. who knows! you wrote that your baby will be full term at 27 weeks instead of 37.. it really through me off for a second.. i guess i shouldn’t read this when i am so tired. haha.

    as far as the braxton hicks, i feel the exact same thing. i actually went to the doctor because of it.. and the doctor told me it was because the baby locked into position and sometimes it feels like the baby is in your butt. ha. great right?

  4. The pressure in the butt during BH is perfectly normal for the second time around. Babies drop down lower a lot earlier, because the first baby loosened everything up down there. So this one is probably hanging down lower than that last one was.

    It also means that when you go into labour, he’s going to just drop right out, I guarentee it. Trust me. I’m a doula. 😉

  5. I though babies didn’t drop so soon the 2nd time?? You’re the doula though…Silas didn’t drop right out (posterior) so this one better!!

    I did mean 37 weeks. I keep saying 27 but I’ll chalk that up to preggo brain.

  6. You are 5 weeks ahead of me…. so I keep reading thinking oh boy…. this is what awaits me. I guess I just don’t remember much from 8 years ago (from my son) I’m so uncomfortable right now. I’ve been sleeping on the couch recliner for weeks now and all I want to do is lay on my side, in my bed, with my pillow 🙁 I guess this is one of those…. don’t take the small things for granted times.

    My husband and I are total opposites too. I’m a HUGE morning person – let that sun light in and start the day! 🙂 He’s the night owl – up til like 2 am and then wants to sleep until 10. I can’t do that – I feel like I’m wasting my day. I don’t usually last past 9 pm 🙂

  7. I think you’re more uncomfortable than I am. Our bed is super soft so it supports my back and tummy a little nicer. I just have a body pillow (that hubby steals) one one side and a regular pillow on the other and I have my own little cove in there.

  8. I have been having alot of pressure on my tail bone and i have been contractin painfully for like two month. When i go get checked with the monitors nothing shows up. This is my second child and i had a breech csection with the first. Whats going on

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