Braxton is a Jerk!

What a nice sunny day. Good thing Silas has white trash garbage bags all over his window because he slept till 7 this morning. Man it makes such a difference!! We’re rather chipper this morning. Right now Silas is on the deck yelling back and forth with the 19 month old who’s on the deck below. It’s funny. I blow bubbles down there and little Leo always says “ooooooo”. He’s darling. It’s weird how I never get together with them, Leo’s mom is super nice, I have a bit of social anxiety so it’s hard for me.

Yesterday we took Silas to the park and he was such a grump! He ended up having a dreadful tantrum and whacked his head SOOO hard on the concrete that he broke a bunch of blood vessels. It made a terrible sounding thump too. Yuck. Yesterday wasn’t a good day for us. I got grumpy because my nap didn’t end up being long enough and it made Brent grumpy and then Silas got grumpy. I’m usually pretty good at not getting too grumpy but nearing the end of this pregnancy I think I’m allowed to be a little. I wish it didn’t effect everyone else though. The fact that it made Brent grumpy made me grumpier too. Him and I are both so sensitive!

We went out and about looking for open houses yesterday. All the townhouse ones have a sign leading you into the complex and then no more signs. How are supposed to know where to go? We found one but it was too expensive and too big, I don’t want such a big job for our first try. The updates they had done on it would almost all have to be re-done, it was bad. Ha ha.

I had a very painful contraction yesterday amongst my normal braxton hicks. It felt like the real thing and it was in my back this time!! Silas was posterior and I luckily didn’t get back labour but my braxton hicks with him had a bit of back pain. I see my doc today so I’ll tell him about all the pressure. He needs to do a strep-B swab so perhaps he’ll check my cervix, I really hope it’s all ok, this baby needs to wait a bit but it’s feeling like it’s getting close to being ready to come out. He’s got two weeks and then he needs to come out!! But nooo sooner! I actually like feeling these contractions…I’m a weirdo.

Anyway, I should stop this rambling and do something. My Realtor just called and we’re meeting this Wednesday to get things going. TTFN!

**Just got back from my doc’s appointment and the baby has definitely dropped.  He said it doesn’t necessarily mean the baby is coming soon but he said it was rather early for him to be dropping.  Every time I have a braxton hicks it feels like the baby is already half way out.  AHHHHHHHHH


  1. Sorry to hear about your grumpy day. I’m sure these days come and go, but they’re definitely not fun. I can’t imagine what it will be like when the baby is here and grumpy too!

    Here’s to hoping that the baby stays in there for a couple more weeks!

  2. I felt like my second was falling out for weeks too. And the third! I expected that one to drop out for about a month ahead of time.

    My first labour was 24 hours, heavily medicated because my water broke and they insisted on inducing (they’ve now changed that rule here, too late for me) and 1.5 hours of pushing. The second one was 4 hours start to finish, with about an hour of active labour and 3 pushes.

    I swear, he’s going to launch himself into the world early and fast (wait – was Silas early, late, or on time? If he was on time, I’m betting on fast and early this time.)

  3. Hmmm, so he wont necessarily come too quickly. I know Silas dropped about 2 weeks before he was born so I’m thinking this one will be a bit sooner than 2 weeks? Silas was dead smack on time even though he was posterior. He had to get yanked out because he was in major distress and wasn’t getting into the proper position. I kinda wished my doc woulda checked my cervix to perhaps give me some peace of mind. Oh well, that’s so cool you’re a Doula…

    When you say you felt like they were going to going to drop out way ahead of time was that like a lot of pressure on your bum and vag? When I have a braxton hicks he feels like he’s already on the way out. I guess I’ll let myself worry more when I lose the plug. I just keep reminding myself it’s in God’s hands and my doc didn’t seem too worried about it. I know his worried face…I saw it for a loooong time when he was watching Silas’ monitors, yikes.

  4. Sophie dropped at almost 35 weeks, so you may very well make it full term. Thats why I complained that i was in pain.

    Back labour isn’t that bad, that’s all I had and can be very managable.

  5. wow Leah you are coming to the end of carrying this baby . with all that’s happening right I’m not surprised that your household is grummpy, I’ll send up another prayer.

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