Baby Has Dropped

I’m not too sure what I should do today.  I’m incredibly tired!  Right now Silas is sitting under his high chair playing with a back massage thingy that he’s taken to be a toy for months now.  Laundry needs to be done, the bathrooms need to be done, I need a shower, the vacuum needs to make an appearance…goodness me.  I need Molly Maids here!  I’d like to go through all my boxes of boy clothes and get out all the newborn ones that I’ll be needing soon.  Silas’ dresser is sooo full so I’ll have to do some purging and I think I’ll go buy a big basket for all the receiving blankets because they take up an entire drawer.  They’d look cute folded up in a basket.  I, being an avid swaddler, will use them often so they need to be handy.  What I really want to do right now is lay on my couch and wait for Regis and Kelly to come on.  I’m sad it’s a rainy day :(.

So the baby has dropped.  If I remember correctly, Silas dropped about two weeks before he came into the world so I assume that this baby will do something similar.  The doc didn’t seem too worried so I wont worry unless I lose my plug.  He didn’t check my cervix or anything so I assume he’s really not worried.  (Silas is counting to three…it’s soooo cute.  He’s also looking at a kangaroo in his book and saying “doggy woof woof”.)  I realize that I can carry this baby to 40 weeks with it being dropped now but lets hope he comes out at 37 weeks, that would be perfect for our whole having to move thing.

I think I need a night nurse right now.  Silas thinks it’s great to wake up and cry for his soother 50000 times a night.  I would have tried to wean him from it but I don’t think it’s fair that I’d wean him from it and then bring in a new baby that gets all of his old soothers.  I’d also like a catheter so i don’t have to wake up to pee.   I’d also like an IV with fluids so I wouldn’t be so parched all night long, resulting in a lot of water being consumed which makes more pee.  My husband also is really annoying to sleep with.  Yesterday morning he said I took up the entire bed all night and then I was like “there’s room on the couch!”.  He takes up the entire bed ALL of the time so I think it’s my turn for a while.  Now to get him to stop snoring…

Well, my son is grumping at me so I should go pay some attention to the little bruiser.  I need to make the most of these last few weeks of us being alone together.  I feel like someone is coming to separate us or something…


  1. ooh ooh I want to answer the first question 🙂 I know what you should do today….. try to rest! The bathroom won’t run away, the dust bunnies on the floor might roll around a little but they’ll wait for you. I say you worry bout Silas, you and baby today and rest as much as you can. From one Mommy to another 🙂 We had sleeping arrangement issues last night too. My husband is a TV watcher and I can’t sleep with the TV on which meant I went to my bed, which then meant NO sleep because I was SO uncomfortable. 10 more weeks….. 10 more weeks…… Do you ever have one of those days where you think you just can’t do it anymore….. that’s me today 🙁

  2. Ya, I felt like that this weekend. Do you have a million pillows around you in your bed? I find if I lay on one so it props me up on my side a little but I’m still feeling like I’m sleeping on my back (even though I’m on my side a little too) and then one under the tummy for support is super comfy. and one between the knees too…that’s important!

  3. We seriously considered putting a bucket in the bedroom during my last pregnancy. VERY tempted.

    I dropped early with my first, and went another month after that. It sucked!

  4. i have a basket for my receiving blankets too. it will come in handy and give you more room in the drawer (i too, have a lot of blankets and it took up a whole drawer) so i rolled them up and put them in a basket on top of the dresser.

  5. UGH! I know how annoying it is to have a baby wake up a zillion times a night for the binkie! We’ve been having more sleepless nights here too! 🙁 I think you have a marketable idea with the catheter thing…

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