Attitude Adjustment

I need an attitude adjustment.  I know it’s normal for me to not be too terrible excited about this new person I’m about to bring into the world but I feel like I’m letting myself indulge it too much, letting myself entertain negative thoughts about it.  Really I’m mainly excited about pumping his legs to get out gas and picking big boogers out of his nose.  Gotta love those newborn boogers.  I just feel like it’s hard to be positive when I’m so tired all of the time and I’m just about to get more tired and have more pain.  I dunno, I need to start thinking more positively because I know how crazy my hormones go after having the baby, I’m sure I’ll have thoughts of leaving it on someone’s door step and whatnot.

I’m getting so stinking crampy!  Last night I was having BHs and it felt like they all were in my tail bone and radiating out my bum cheeks.  It was weird and painful.  I was getting tummy cramps too.  Throughout the night I’d roll over and then get terrible pains in my tummy, like period cramps.  They’d go away if I didn’t move.  I hope this baby is coming early because I’m going to be grumpy if all this crampiness keeps going on.  Has anyone ever had back labor in their tail bone?

Silas slept pretty well last night, I wish I had though.  He did get up at 4:30 and asked to cuddle I was like “OH BROTHER”, of course that wouldn’t happen.  I gave him some more motrin and he slept until 7:30.  I can’t wait until these teeth are done coming in.  Jeepers.  This morning he said “dance” for the first time.  He was just dancing to Shoop but Salt and Pepper while I blew him bubbles.  He loves bubbles.

We meet with Mr. Realtor today to discuss things.  I hope he gets us looking asap.  There’s one place I’m really interested in.  It has been updated but really could use a nicer kitchen and bathrooms.  Luckily it already has laminate but we’ll see if it’s any good.  I like the idea of buying something partially done so we can make it nicer.  Anyway, I just want to find a place and get started…all this waiting around is driving me a little mad.  So is my son in fact, I must go.


 Lucas and Silas.  Silas kinda took over 🙁


  1. thoughts about leaving our babies on someones doorstep are common I had them too, so don’t worry that’s motherhood in part. Let us know todat what your realtor sats. The boys playing together is so cute. Guess what I’m typing with both hands already.

  2. That is such a cute picture, even though Silas is hogging the toy a bit. You can tell they’re having a good time! 😛

  3. I love this picture. I can just picture Lucas’s big gorgeous eyes admiring Silas’s every move, looking forward to the day that he’s as big and clever as his favorite cousin.

  4. Sorry the cramps are so bad. I hope that you don’t have to deal with it much longer!

    I know how you feel about need an attitude adjustment. When people ask me how I’m feeling it’s always “great! Fantastic”, but as soon as they talk to me for more than five minutes, they’re destined to hear about the BH’s, the stretch marks and how tired I am. ::sigh:: No one really wants to know, I need to learn to just quiet down.

  5. someone has said “a burden shared is burden halved”, and that is why its good that you tell us about yours leah. By the way does that make your belly fell lighter?

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