The Night Is Finally Over!

I can’t believe last night actually ended and it’s morning now. There was a time where I thought I would be stuck in it forever. Brent and I were both a little wired when we got to bed. Perhaps it was a mixture of the Jello I had made and the whole buying a house thing. I went to bed sad because I saw a little red line of a stretch mark on my tummy. I know tons of people get them but I don’t want to be one of those people. Everything else is covered in them, I thought my tummy would be salvaged. I need a plastic surgeon. ANYWAY, so I finally fall asleep around 11:30 and then Silas wakes up around 12:00 or 12:30 and he’s a mess. He screamed so stinking hard!! When I finally had him calm, I was wired again. When I would finally drift off, he wasn’t calm anymore. He kept waking up and making noise and I’d go in his room and he’d be wide awake. He was making a valiant effort to fall asleep though, he really was trying. Poor kid. At 2am I knew I could give him another dose of Mortin and that did the trick. I wish something would have done the trick for me. I couldn’t sleep. The baby was psycho active and on my bladder CONSTANTLY! I peed like every 5 minutes. Brent did such a good job at not snoring until about 3:00 so I booted him to the couch and then fell asleep rather quickly. Man, usually I’m good at calming myself and not letting myself think about stressful things but I just couldn’t do it last night. ARRGH! Too much on my mind including buying a house, wondering if our realtor is right for us, having a new baby, babysitting for Silas while the new baby in en route to being born, my lovely 24 year old stomach being ripped apart by red marks, peeing peeing peeing. Anyway, it was a dreadful night and now I get to have a nap so I’m happy. I just need some lunch first. Silas didn’t wake up until about 7:45 which was nice for me. This is one of those mornings where I just need my mommy.

Meeting with Mr. Realtor was fun yesterday. My back felt like it was going to die from sitting around our table for so long but I got through it. He seems like a pretty cool guy, definitely not a weasel. He seemed pretty honest and straight-forward. I like that. Now we start the hunt. I hope we can get something to move into by the end of June, perhaps you prayers could send one up for that for us. Goodness there’s a lot going on in my life right now, this is crazy! I know I am going to lose my mind during all of this. Post pregnancy hormones will get the best of me for about a week and hopefully by then I’ll be fine. Perhaps I’ll fall quickly in love with little Chim Chim and be all blissful like mothers of new babies should be, ya right! We’ll try for it though, I’m anticipating loving him a lot, I know I get to love someone as much as I love Silas, it just might take a little while.



  1. I’m thinking right now you are napping and I hope its a real good one after the night you described !#** Naptime for me now before I go out to seed some spinach and stuff.

  2. nap time didn’t really happen for me. They’re putting up scaffolding around my apartment and then Silas woke up an hour early. After a few tears on my part, I was cheered up when I got an email with all the properties we can look at. Silas ate all his avocado too which is a happy thing.

  3. Yah for avacados and condos! In the 70’s people painted their walls the color of avacados…at least our mom did:) I wish I could come look with you, I love looking at places and I always find potential, even after my husband has high-tailed it oughta there! Here is a poem to help you sleep…I didn’t write it though, Bruce Lanskey did.

    My bed is like a sailing ship-
    when I’m tucked in, I take a trip.
    I leave behind my busy day
    and sail to places far away.

    I sail past beaches, gleaming white,
    with palm trees swaying in the night.
    I watch the waves break on the shore,
    and then I see my bedroom floor!

    I blink my eyes, I scratch my head-
    my ship is home, I’m back in bed.
    My ships goes sailing every night
    and sails home in the morning light.

  4. Hope you get some rest! I’ve been having awful nights of sleep, until last night – oh boy I slept like a rock with all the windows open – it was nice and cold in the house.

    🙁 They need to have an insta-cure for stretch marks. Fingers crossed so tightly I’m losing blood in my fingers……. the only stretch marks showing are old ones from my first pregnancy. Our bodies get trashed enough – can’t we be spared this one little thing! 🙁 Makes me sad.

    Good Luck with the house hunting. Sending lots of good vibes and thoughts your way!

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