Oh Glorious Sleep!

Well, my spirits are much higher today, it’s funny how much more you can love your child on a proper night’s sleep.  Silas slept until 8 without waking much in the night and I also didn’t wake up much in the night to pee!! WOOOT.  I feel like a million bucks.  Well, a lot better than I did yesterday.  I could feel myself getting depressed, or being depressed yesterday.  I’m what you’d call a veteran when it comes to depression, had it since I was wee so I really know when it’s coming on and what to do about it.  There’s nothing worse than a pregnant mom and wife who’s depressed, I can’t be all of that.  So through tears I started cleaning my house to get some sense of satisfaction and gratification and soon enough I wasn’t crying and my house was getting tidy.  Then I took a shower and shaved and flat ironed my hair and voila, I was feeling on the upswing.  This morning, after a wonderful sleep, I feel back to my old self again.  Phew.  I can’t blame myself for getting down in the dumps though, the lack of sleep really does it to me plus I’m not getting out as much as I should, OK I really have no clue when my feet left this house the last time.  Sad, I know but I’m weird that way.  Anyway, I’m feeling good now.  My kitchen even got cleaned this morning and Silas is behind me, standing on a chair and playing with kitchen utensils in the sink with water and soap.  He loves doing that.  He’ll never let me take him down from there now.

Stupid Canucks let me down.  I’m sad that they’re done now but I guess I’ll get to watch all of my TV shows now.  I wasn’t very happy to miss the beginning of Grey’s Anatomy last night!  While watching the hockey game there was a commercial with a baby on it.  I started to feel more loving feelings towards chim chim.  It occurred to me more than ever before that he’s another human being and he’s going to bless my life more than I can fathom.  I’m feeling a lot more loving towards him now.  YAY!

Mr. Realtor’s assistant called this morning and we set up a time to view the properties that we’d like to see.  I went through the list of properties that we want to view yesterday and sent her the one’s that we’re interested in.  There’s two that I REALLY want to see so I hope they aren’t already going through offers.  I’d put their MLS links up but then some creepster might know where I live and we don’t want that.  With what people put into search engines to get to my blog, I’m well aware that there are creepsters out there reading.   Just today, someone found me by typing in “I love peeing in my pants”.  I know perfectly normal people enjoy such…um…fetishes but you never know!!

Anyway, I’m going to go and get another load of laundry going.  Grrrr, I hate laundry and I leave it till there’s nothing left so I have mass amounts of it.  One day I’ll learn, really, I promise!  I just took a photo with my webcam of Silas in the sink behind me so I’ll post that now!  I’m too lazy to make it black and white to match my page.  I guess I could have taken it in B&W…oh well.



  1. That picture is so cute! My son loved “playing” in the sink also, what he didn’t know was he was actually getting work done for Mom 🙂 Just give em the soap and show them to scrub and voila – no more dishes!

    Good Luck with the properties – hope something works out – it’s so exciting to get a new place – stressful and lots of work – but exciting!

    You know…. there’s something about flat-ironing my hair too – it’s like I feel done and complete afterwards (as I don’t enjoy doing it) and my day is 10 times better just because my hair is nice and flat and smooth and shiny and you get the picture 🙂

    Hope you all have a good day and weekend!

  2. I know where you are coming from with fighting the depression monster. I have been fighting it most of my life, too. You seem able to deal with it pretty well.

    Love the picture of Silas! He looks too cute.

  3. What a cutie patootie. HAPPY! I had him helping me with dishes at my house the other day, but I was all paranoid that he’d fall of the chair … apparantly that was a waste of some of my worry cells. FAN! He also helped me make his oatmeal, by sticking his hand in the cold bowl of oats and water and scooping some out. Ah Ah Ah AH CHOO!

  4. i love the picture of silas(i’m back to one hand since today’s dr. appoint.) adequate sleep really does make a huge difference, glad you got sleep last night. i’m praying you’ll find the right house,God cares about that too you know.

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