Spoiled Rotten

Man, I’ve been reprimanded by a few people for missing a day of blogging. You people are spoiled by my consistency. Yesterday Brent and I got out and looked at different townhouse complexes. Some of the places we’ll be looking at are rather frightful. After that I went right to Jennie’s house to work on our fabulous Mothers Day surprise for our mommy. It took like 50000 hours and I was going stir crazy at the end but it’s almost done and I’m excited. She has no idea what it is…and she’d never ever guess. She sometimes reads this so NO ONE SAY ANYTHING if you know about it!!! I’m 36 weeks pregnant today, he needs to come next weekend. Please pray he’ll come next weekend. The family will already all be here so it’s perfect timing. I want him OUT!

I got this comment on my entry These Boobs Were Made for Milkin yesterday and I though it was hilarious.

“This is the most unuseful site I’ve ever come across. I asked a serious question about a parenting issue and after having read a whole wack of garbage from weather watching to who knows what, I realized I would never get my answer. Except possibly to the question “who can start up a website?” Absolutely anyone..even if they have no knowledge of the subject. Thanks for nothing.”

They asked ME a question? Perhaps it was Jeeves fault, I think they were asking him. I guess they really should regulate all the websites and make sure everyone is giving correct information before allowing them on to the world wide web. Ha ha. Sorry dude!!

Anyway, I’m getting a sinus infection which sucks and I’m trying to psyche myself up to rinse out my nose because I know it will help but I’m tired and I don’t wanna! I just want this baby out of my tummy before it becomes too stretch marked, it’s making me mad!!

I really have nothing to say. I hope you are satisfied to see a blog today Mark, you spoiled spoiled person!! I’ll get some new photos of Silas to you soon, but you’ll get to cuddle him this weekend if you come with Mum. Thanks for being such a committed reader 🙂


  1. Thanks Munchy! Just letting you know that I check in fairly regularly to see what’s up with you guys.
    Looking forward to my cuddles with Silas next weekdn. Oh ya, looking forward to seeing you and Brent too!

  2. Okay, we are spoiled…but it’s fun to read your blog. I count on at least one fun thing in my day:) Boy, that’s sad.
    That comment is hilarious. Does dude know nothing about blogging? It made me laugh…

  3. you know, when someone just *insists* that you blog and you really have nothing to say, you can always just start compiling personal tidbits from that person’s life and slap it up online (google is great for cannon fodder, even if it’s made up cannon fodder)

    😉 – i am teh ebil

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