Divine Intervention Please!

I know I’ve mentioned how much I love my chiropractor but I need to say it again, I LOVE MY CHIROPRACTOR! After being adjusted I get this wonderful endorphin rush. It’s simply wonderful. I can see why though, you just feel good once you’re aligned. When I was waiting in his office I had so much anxiety and getting a good adjustment takes it away…well for the most part. I’m pretty stressed out right now. We look at houses today at 3:15 and I’m praying praying praying that we find one that we love. A lot of the time I don’t pray for divine intervention because in some ways I think all of life being set up by God is then divine intervention. I guess my approach to spirituality is very holistic. ANYWAY, I need divine intervention now. I need God to change the tides and work a miracle so that we can find a place and have the keys by the end of June!

I learned today at the chiropractor that he could put me into labor if he wanted to (perhaps that’ll give reformattingmybrain some incentive to get herself adjusted)! I said DO IT but I realized I’m not full term yet so I told him not to. Just with him adjusting my hips can speed up the process because things are more aligned. Lets hope my hip adjustment brings poo head here this weekend. My parents will be here and so will all of my siblings so it would be perfect timing. I love having a party in the room with me, I need everyone I can have. Last time Mommy tickled my face and ran her fingers through my hair which is almost the most wonderful thing in the world (she has the best touch), the sisters took turns holding my legs so they’d stop shaking and filming, Brent coached me (sport psychology works amazing when you’re in labor), my family was also great at getting food into my very green husband and taking over for him when he needed to get out of the room for a few mins. It was a long process so he needed to have a few breakdowns in the hall. I think I’ll write Silas’ whole birth story here tomorrow, it’s a crazy story! I’m really hoping that my brother and step-dad (Mark) can be there too, I think that would be special for them and me. Andy (brother) might not want to be in the room but it’d be nice to have him around. No looking at my Vag J J though!! I just realized that I’m rambling and I really have no idea what I just wrote about!

Anyway, I’ve consumed my lunch so I should go onto other things now, like my nap. At 2:00 I see my doctor and hopefully i’ll have enough time after to pre-register at the hospital before we meet with Mr. Realtor at 3:15. Then we’re off to Colin and Leanne’s for supper and THEN Leanne and I are going to go to a kids swap, busy day. Well kids, pray, get on your knees, fast and do whatever else you do to ask for a divine intervention for us this week. We need it!



  1. The crackin guy can put me into labor! Sign. Me. Up. Well in about 6 weeks. It’d be way too early right now. I go to the doctor tomorrow so I’m going to talk to him about my going to the chiropractor. I’m absolutely miserable. I spent the weekend working around the house so I was standing up the entire time – I feel fantastic when I’m standing. It’s only when I’m sitting and laying down that I’m in pain. That seems so weird. I simply can’t spend the next 9 weeks standing up 🙂

    Oh boy, when I was having my son the first go around, I didn’t want anybody in the room (except my Mom). I imagine I’ll be kickin everybody out again this time. If one more person asked….. how do you feel or are you in pain….. I seriously might have jumped out of that bed and layed them out. Do I look like I’m feeling fantastic? Do I not look like I’m in pain!?

    Good luck with the house search! Hope you find something soon!! 🙂

  2. I’ve been praying about your house and even moreso the last day. The house Brent told us about last night sounds quite perfect. That chiro. has alot of power it sounds like. Chiros are wonderful I think I need one again.

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