Crossing Fingers

So, we found a place we like and this afternoon we’re going to put an offer on it.  It’s lovely and in a older complex but it’s lovely.  Also, it’s empty so we can move in ASAP!  The back yard is amazing and there’s this nice little private deck that comes off our master bedroom.  In some ways it’s a step down from our apartment.  Like I wont have a walk in closet that leads to my 3 piece en suite or the open floor plan.  But still, it’s lovely and we’re getting in the market which is what we needed to do.  We’ll probably throw in a new kitchen, not a fancy one though and get a dishwasher for the place.  Other than that we can do some tile in the entry and kitchen because they put down that ugly lino tile peel and stick crap that’s not going to last whatsoever.  I can just see my children picking at the edges.  Perhaps we’ll be cheap and put lino in there but something nicer.  We might be able to get the tile for free so we’ll see.  I shouldn’t be making all these plans until I know the offer is accepted.  The back yard is lovely, no grass.  I’ll get in a photo of it one of these days.  It’s got a dogwood tree which makes me happy.  It’s a big deck with a nice hill that has retaining walls and steps and whatnot.  I think I’ll pull out some of the gardening and put in some herbs and veggies and things.  There’s definitely room for some pots of tomatoes and hopefully some space for strawberries!  I’ll have a little garden like I always wanted.  I think I’ll go to the flea market and get some hanging pots because I saw some spots for that in the front (because I look for those things, because I’m crazy like that).  Didn’t I say I was going to stop planning until our offer was accepted?  Goodness I’m ahead of myself.  All I want to do is go somewhere warm and have my baby there and come back to everything moved and unpacked.  I know I’m going to be a whirlwind of emotions about all of this.  I know I’ll be a mess.  I hate packing with all of my heart.  I thank GOD that I’m a minimalist and I don’t have much “stuff” to pack.  Anyone want to come help me pack?

My dr’s appointment went well yesterday.  I’ve gained three pounds last week which sucks but I retain water like a sponge the last month of pregnancy so I imagine I’ll be gaining loads of weight until this little poo-head comes out.  I have stretch marks on my calves from last pregnancy…good grief!

Anyway, I’m dead tired.  Of course I couldn’t sleep last night and Silas decided that it would be fun to wake up at 6:45 which gave me about 6 hours of sleep.  No fun!  Time for my nap.  Perhaps I’ll do Silas’ birth story tomorrow.  I’m so tempted to stay up and watch Bon Jovi on Ellen…must sleeeeeeeeeep!


  1. Keeping fingers crossed for you guys! It’s so exciting and impossible to not plan when you keep picturing different things. When will you find something out?

    We actually have that peel and stick lino in our downstairs bathroom. It turned out so good you’d never know that’s what it was unless I told you. It’s been there for a couple years and has not peeled anywhere. Thank goodness. It started as just a cheap, quick and easy fix, but it’s lasted – which would make anybody happy 🙂

  2. good luck! it’s always exciting to find a place that might be yours, and horribly nerve wracking until it is. my fingers are crossed!

  3. have you thought of maybe putting him to bed a bit later? I know that kids at that age don’t need as much sleep, and sometimes a later bed time = a later wake up. That’s what I read, so you never know.

  4. No you don’t. 😛 I have NO idea how I even did it. I wish I knew…. because I’d continue doing it. I’ve been extremely stressed over some things and panicked beyond words over other things – maybe that’s what’s doing it……..

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