No Cigar :(

welp, nice try no cigar.  We didn’t get the place.  There was an offer on it by the time we offered and so we thought we’d offer kinda high but the people came back and offered 1 thou above the asking price.  Oh well.  They obviously wanted it much more than we did.  I don’t know whether or not to feel completely hopeless or excited because perhaps God has something different in store for us?  Something better?  Or is it just life and that’s how life goes?  When I’m feeling hopeless about buying a place in time, it goes into the rest of my life.  Now I’m feeling hopeless about getting this baby out early and a million other things.  Funny how that works.  I was in SUCH a weird mood yesterday and I couldn’t explain it.  Brent was all worried but there was no reason to be.  I was just in a mood that I get into when I put an offer on a place during the final days of a pregnancy, an indescribable mood that of course I’ve never felt before.  I really didn’t feel like talking which is weird for me.  So we’ve broadened our search into a nearby town which, in the lower mainland, is very close because all the towns run together.  This would be more suburb area which is nice, it’s a quieter place which will make me feel like I’m more in the country.  I’m a country girl.  There’s a townhouse there that looks amazing but with our luck, it’s probably gone :(.

Other than that,  I don’t know what else is going on.  Everything is going on and I’m feeling a weeee bit crazy these days.  I guess I just need to take it one day at a time right now.  The mess in my house is driving me crazy.  I don’t even want to bother with dishes because they’re just going to pile up again.  I hate that.  It’s a never ending problem that will never go away.  Sometimes I feel like I’m not made to be a housewife.  I just can’t get it together.  But then if I work I’m going to have to come home and clean anyway and I hate going to work, I’ve just never had a good work environment.  I’m overwealmed by the mess that grows so quickly,  I’m contemplating hiding all the dishes but one for each person that will just have to get washed right after use!

Anyway, I don’t feel like doing anything but complaining right now so I should go nap.  I shouldn’t even start on the mood Silas has been in.  Sorry I’m being negative, it’s just feeling like a weird time in my life.


  1. so sorry to hear about this. pretty much this exact thing happened to us, except that we were told that our offer had been accepted before being told, just kidding, it’s not. so, i know exactly how you feel. our realtor, in an attempt to comfort us, told us that every time something like this happens, no matter how much it hurts, there’s always something better out there. and sure enough, we found our something better.

    as hopeless as it might seem now, you’ll find something. keep your chin up 🙂

  2. sorry to hear about you not getting the place, but i assure you, you’ll find one that really makes your heart happy. that is how i felt when we went searching for a place.. so many looked “ideal” but in the end, we found one that was just perfect for us. it may take a few days, a week, but it’ll work out! we’ve moved 3 times since i’ve been pregnant and man, i can relate to your stress. usually right now, you want to settle down and just prepare for the baby.. so it’s normal to feel the way you are.


  3. Sorry about the news. Just keep thinking…. things happen for a reason. There’s a better place just waiting for you to find it 🙂 We all have negative days – it’ll be better soon – hang in the hon.

  4. I firmly believe that you will get the place you’re meant to have (and this one obviously wasn’t it, no matter how great it seemed). I’m sure the place you end up with will be even better! Fingers crossed for you … who knows, you may even be looking in our neck of the woods.

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