Post Housewarming

What a lovely day yesterday turned out to be. A nice crowd came and I was able to see friends that I hadn’t seen in a while. Silas was an angel for the most part. He ran around taking thing off people’s plates at will, I have no idea what that boy consumed but he did indeed have a sugar crash at around 6 which we successfully countered with a good hearty bowl of oatmeal.

Kristy from Epic of Mom came with her daughter and husband. Sophie followed Silas everywhere she could. Once she was able to reach him Silas would take off in another direction. At one point Sophie was sitting and Silas was running in circles around her and she was spinning in circles on her bum. As you can see, we thought it looked rather hilarious.


My sister Jennie…who you can see in the above photo…she pretty much looks like me with shorter hair (and more grey…he he he). She helped out SO much and I am ever so thankful. I was determined to be a good hostess but was distracted from it time after time. I did manage to cough out the words “can I get you something to drink?” which I was rather proud of. Little steps Leah, little steps. I had a good time visiting with friends that I forgot about cleaning up. I’ve still “forgotten” about it as everything is still out on the table, a mighty feast of scraps for the fruit flies.

My grandparents from the states came and they brought me my greats grandpa’s old steamer trunk which I’m going to clean up and place in a spot in my home. It’ll house blankets and things. It’s so beautiful though. Grandpa just thought it was old and ugly. Silly guy. Anyway, I started writing this hours ago and got distracted. Juliet and Leanne are over getting their hair dyed. Wooot.


Silas and Sophie having a moment yesterday, thanks for the photos Brad!


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