A Blessing In Disguise

I woke up yesterday to a nasty nasty surprise.  Silas had woken up, pooped and then played with his poop a little.  The nappy didn’t come off but his hands went in it.  Sick!  Into the tub he went, wash, dry, new nappy, get dressed…strip the bed.  Then, not remembering that my son copies the last word of ever sentence I said “Silas, don’t play with your $#!^” and Silas…well…you know.  Oops.  Swearing is bad, don’t do it.  After breakfast we headed to Auntie Ju ju’s house to do some washing.  Yadda yadda yadda.

Upon returning home I noticed some silly cop-a-roo giving a bunch of parking tickets out.   On Thursdays you aren’t supposed to park on the street for a few hours during that day for street sweeping.  They never hand out tickets.  I had to park WAY down the street and as I was carrying the freaking heavy baby carrier and holding Silas’ hand down the street, the cop told me that I could park where I wanted to in the first place.  Jerk.  I told him I didn’t want to haul my kids all the way back.  Poo on him.  And how was this all a blessing you might ask?  I didn’t get a parking ticket.  I would have if Silas hadn’t decided that his own excrement made a suitable toy for morning play time.  I’d rather deal with a little poop than a parking ticket.  PHEWF!

My mind lately has been consumed with paint colors.  Which ones to choose?  Am I choosing too much blue?  Do I need some more warm colors?  Should I choose the paint first or the bathroom tile first?  I think I dreamed about paint colors all night last night…except for a weird demon dream involving people in my church…creeeepy.  I’ve chosen my bedroom color and my living room color.  Both blues.  I’m surprising myself.  I used to be all about the tans, browns and beiges.  I think blue will give me more energy than neutrals.  I need something uppity!

That’s all folks!


  1. Hey you!
    Well, I have had the hand-down-the-poopy-diaper experience a few times now aswell, noooo fun! haha Like you said, atleast no parking ticket! haha

    Also, a HUGE issue we are having right now is Ireland swearing, it’s bad, she hears a word like one time and says it, swear word or not, but she really loves to say the bad words most:) lol, like you said swearing is bad, don’t do it!! Unfortunatly, things slip out, and she is always there to catch it when they do! Typical! (haha, what kind of mothers are we??:O)

    Also, you have good taste, 9as you would admit yourself HAHA love ya) go with your gut, my advice, just don’t do cool blues, they are rarley flattering, the blue/green/grey sounded nice:)! good luck! Muah!

  2. Oooh, I thought I had my color picked out, but then I put it up to my tile and EGAD! All it did was make my beautiful stone tile look white, good gracious, back to the paint shop. I am headed to the Benjamin Moore shop this morning, because they really do have the bestest colors. I am taking samples of the things that I loove…tile/red leather couch/hardwood floor to make sure it all works together. Grey-esh blues sound beautiful, I will try to send you links to what I pick, because I need to pick it as were painting tomorrow, GOOD GOSH!
    (p.s. perhaps a lovely shade of earthy poopy brown for Silas’ room 🙂

  3. My son once pooped in the tub and I turned around just in time to see him trying to eat one of them. There wasn’t enough soap/toothpaste in the world!

  4. Ah geez – what an exciting morning. I remember when my son got into the A&D ointment – he was white from head to toe – little turd 🙂 Glad to know I’m not the only Mommy who slips up.

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