Since I’m obsessed with blogging, I thought I might try this new thing out called Blogsvertise.  What happens is they send me an email every once in a while from a sponsor.  I click the link and read about this sponsor then I write a little something in my blog about it.  Using Blogsvertise will help me earn extra cash which I am excited about because sometimes I feel bad that I don’t make any as a stay at home mom.  Don’t worry, this wont effect the content of my blog.  I can work it into my blog without really destroying the content.  I trust the money I make through Blogsvertise because they pay you through Pay pal which is a service I’ve used a lot before.  Anyway, I’m excited and I hope you are too.  You should go check it out yourselves!!


  1. And for serious its not some really nice way to hook yourself up with spam?? I’m skeptical…but the internet makes me so. I cant help myself..

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