A Late Night Reno

Brent and I had quite the fun last night, at a strange hour we began a strange task.

I was sitting in our chair thinking it was time for a shower and bed.  I was fully frustrated about money and dealing with a VERY angry toddler all day long.  I was thinking of going for a run but it was too late.  I looked over at the fireplace and then at the nail puller sitting on the mantle.   A light went off in my mind.  I knew what to do.

I walked over to the fireplace, grabbed the nail puller and proceeded to wack holes in the drywall above our fire place.  Brent perked up and said “I’ve been thinking of doing that all night”.

We made the hole a little bigger, grabbed a flashlight, and peered in.  Not big enough so the hole got bigger…and bigger.  One thing led to another.

So, for the hour between 11 and 12, Brent and I completely dismantled our mantle around the fire place and removed most of the drywall as well.  We were being so loud, such a naughty thing to do in a rattly old townhouse while the neighbors are most likely sleeping.  We were having too much fun though.

It was incredible how the mantle was put on there.  Layer after layer of wood and trim.  Every layer reveal new screws for me to take out with my drill (yes I have my own drill).  It was sooo much fun.

There’s nothing in the space above the firebox.  Just drywall.  They took the chimney out long ago and so this weekend we are taking the firebox out (by “we” I mean Brent and some strong dudes, I’m going to hang out with Jules) and turning that unused space into a shelving unit complete with everything you need to keep your TV and whatnot into it.  Yes, more freed space.

I’m going to totally rearrange my living room so it doesn’t revolve around the TV and it’ll open up much needed space.  Perhaps I’ll stop stubbing my toe on the darn couch!!  Anyway, I documented the event for your viewing pleasure.




K that was an awful documentation of the event.  I was a little too into it to stop and then take photos.  You can see the lack of planning as there’s toys amongst drywall dust.  Ha ha.  Oh well, it was fun.  I’m going to get those ugly green marble tiles off soon.  Trying to keep the big ones intact so Jennie can roll her pie crusts out on it.


the end.



  1. HAHAHAHA who does that?? who randomly hacks up a wall? I love it! Way to keep up the randomness. Prethought randomness is still randomness when done late at night. Good Job!

  2. I laughed so hard about your late evening project…way to go. I could hear you my dear were having fun. So what about the neighbours were they any the wiser?

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