Hanky Panky

We’ve had a new neighbour on one side of our townhouse for a few months now.  I’ve never even seen this man, he and I both keep to ourselves most of the time.

When we moved in, Brent just leaned our headboard against the wall and slid our bed up to it.  It’s very loose back there and with any movement it bumps the wall a bit.  We’ve really thought nothing of it.

Brent met our neighbour today, nice man.  He lives alone over there, he’s older.  Brent inquired with him about the noise factor.  Asking him if he can hear much.  The guy replied saying that there was a noise all night every night.  Brent told him that couldn’t be from us as we’re sleeping of course.  The man said “no, it’s coming from your side, sounds like hanky panky”.

So, this old and lonely man has been thinking that we’ve been having “hanky panky” all night and every night since he’s moved in here.



  1. So…did you move the bed or will you keep the man thinking his thoughts. How very funny. So now when you see the neighbour what’ll you say?

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