Plucky Christian

Since I don’t write much about my faith in this blog and I don’t want to start, I’ve started a new blog where I can talk, rant, vent…whatever about my faith.  This blog is so I thought I’d call the other one  Plucky means ‘brave’….yes I used a thesaurus.

Anyway, I’m not writing in it everyday, just when I feel inclined.  Probably on a lot of Sunday’s after I’ve been at church.  If you’re a Christian, you’ll most likely think I’m a complete heretic but that’s ok, at least I gotcha thinking 🙂

So folks I give you….

 The Informal Matriach – on faith


  1. When I see people with tattoos and piercings I think about how brave they are to subject themselves to that kinda pain, and not what that says about their faith.

  2. You’re not weird for starting up a religion blog, well, maybe you are but then I am too!
    I think it’s a good idea. People ought to be able to go to a blog for fun daily mommy posts without being offended or getting into theological debates. There are blogs that mix the two and they’re not very enjoyable. 🙂
    Just keep up the daily writing on here! You brighten my day, as I’m sure you do for other girls around the world.

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