A Lovely Morning

What a lovely Saturday this is turning out to be! Brent decided to stay home today because he hasn’t been feeling well, he just needed a day off. Silas woke up really chatty and happy at like 6:40 this morning so I let him talk to himself in there for a while and then went in and turned on some tunes and gave him toys, oh ya, and changed a poopy bum (he’s been doing that early lately…grrr). I went back to bed but I couldn’t sleep. I had scones on my mind. I wanted to make scones very badly. Then I had Brent on my mind and I cuddled up to him for a long time. It was nice to be awake and have it quiet. It was snowing outside. I finally decided to get up and make scones and Silas wanted out of his room soon after. I took him out and he pointed outside at a car and said “car”, what a clever little boy (later on he pointed at the ceiling fan and said car too, we wont count that though). I brought Silas in to see Brent and he was very happy to see his “Dada” on a Saturday morning. He promptly gave him a kiss on the lips and then proceeded to whack his chest, how nice. I went to allrecipes.com and found a recipe I wanted to do but I realized I had no eggs. Silas was in our room playing with Brent on the bed so I decided I REALLY wanted scones and ventured out into the snow to the grocery store. The scones turned out AMAZING and it was a lovely spread. I had to make the photo in color (even though it goes against the “style” of my blog) so you could see how pretty the fruit was. Silas enjoyed munching along with us, it was a rather relaxing breakfast. The scones went perfectly with coffee and fruit! Here’s the recipe, I also zested an orange and put some juice of the orange in the mixture to give it more ZIP.



Doesn’t that look lovely? It was lovely. Pay no attention to the toys on the floor!!

One more note, I had my chiropractors appointment yesterday and he’s magic. I don’t know why I’ve never gone before!! My sciatic already feels better after a few simple things he did to me. He didn’t want to touch the rest of my back yet, one thing at a time I guess. I was so happy to lay in bed last night with no pain in my hip either. He said he’ll be able to get rid of all my sciatic pain. I don’t know why I didn’t go last pregnancy when I was working full time and in SO much pain!!


  1. My DH works on Sat, too, and I hate it… I hate it because my son doesn’t get to see him until he gets home. In the summer, before he had to work on Sat, they would go to the park and that it really nice. Now, if we are lucky, we get Sundays.

    Love, your breakfast table. I love making a special breakfast when daddy is home, too!

  2. My what lovely scones. do you say it s-cones or s-cons. I think I say it without the sweet accent. Unless I’m being prim and proper…so pretty much never.

  3. the breakfast looks so good just like in the magazines, Leah you continue to impress me with your cooking skills. I’m so very happy you have found help for your back, did he give you stretches to do? I’ll phone you later, you have a Dr. appointment today, i just remembered. Roselle

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