General Unwellness

Ugh, whatever my husband had last week has now graced my presence. I woke up this morning with a lovely sore throat and just an overall sense of unwellness. I hadn’t been feeling normal all weekend and now I guess I know why. GRRRR. For someone who never gets out in public often I do get sick a lot. When I was working and pregnant with Silas I only got one cold. Now I’m in my house and I get them all the time. GRRRRR. And it’s all Brent’s fault. It’s always the man’s fault!

In 14 long minutes I’ll bring a nice, hot batch of scones out of the oven. I was craving them this morning. I made them with 100% whole wheat this time and snuck in some ground flax also, we’ll see how they come out this time. I’m always looking for a healthier alternative. Soon I’ll be making them with coconut butter and goat yogurt. I need to start some coffee soon to go with my delicious scone, I wish someone was here to enjoy them with me, oh well, more for me I guess.

So what’s new with Silas? He’s been sleeping better again so I assume that he’s feeling better although his cough sounds kinda fluid-y. I made him some rooibos tea before bed and added some lemon and stevia and he drank almost all of it. I was happy to see him enjoy it. It always makes me feel better for sure. He’s started asking for cookies and he knows exactly where I keep them. It’s kinda cute but slightly excessive. He doesn’t like being told no to cookies and protests about it rather often. I wonder if I took them away from their usual spot to a place where he can’t see them if he’d forget about them more often. I think they’re gross but he seems to think their wonderful and can stick a whole one in his mouth so his hands are free to play with toys. He’s also realized which was is right side up on his books and is flipping them over to see them properly now. I haven’t really shown him the proper way much, I like letting him figure things out on his own and he seems to have now. I love hearing him babble on in his own language like he’s reading the book to me. He always reads it in a very proper tone. He’s also been pointing to things and making up his own name for it. If he knows the name he’ll say it but a lot of things have Silas language names now, it gets confusing. He’s also had the vanilla mini wheats commercial in his head loads so we sing it a lot and I let him watch the commercial on u tube.

As for chim chim (in my belly) he’s not making my belly expend so fast anymore. We’ll hear more about him later today at the drs. appointment.

That’s all for today, I feel ill and I need to make some coffee to go with my scones, they smell fabulous!


  1. Sorry to hear you’re not well, if I were there I’d bring over some chicken noodle soup. Silas sounds soo cute reading and eating cookies, sleeping well you say ,good. Roselle

  2. Hi, there. You visited my blog and asked about beans the other day. I was wondering… did it work out for you?

    Your scones sound delicious… would you care to share the recipe? Have you made them yet with coconut butter and goat’s milk? Wow, they sound so good!

    Love, Wardeh
    @ Such Treasures

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