Beauty or Beast?

Sometimes being pregnant feels so inhuman.  When I’m spawning something inside of me, being the carrier of new life, it almost feels like I’m more animal than human.  At least it’s not my instinct to eat the placenta.  I told the nurse she could take Silas’ home and make soup out of it but she declined my offer.  I don’t know why a completely natural thing, when thought about hard enough, feels completely unnatural.  I’m a beast!!  Some women attribute it to feeling alien and I get that too, more like aliens have taken over.  I guess that being pregnant is very animalistic though.  We’re creating more life to further our species.  Just like every other animal does.  That’s all I have to talk about today.

woof woof!


  1. If infact you were an animal in many species you would be thru it much quicker,. The other thing is you look way nicer than any animal I have ever seen. I’ve said that Silas was like a puppy the day we looked after him here because he was so easy .

  2. Very true. I feel like a big beast. I’ve got uncontrollable bodily functions that I’d never known about. Good thing, or it may have scared me out of trying this pregnancy thing 🙂

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