Hug a Chiropractor

I love my chiropractor!  Not in a romantical way of course, just in a “you fixed my body and I love you” way.  It’s taken two visits and I’m almost completely fixed of my sciatic and back problems.  I still have some hip pain but that’s just my arthritis dealing with my joints being loose from pregnancy.  Yesterday he took a look at my back and said most of my problem is just muscle tension.  He did some poking and whatnot and gave me an exercise to do (with a very fun rubber tube thingie, it’s not only good for exercising but also a great tool for annoying your husband while watching American Idol!  Just get him to hold it to his ear and say you have a secret to tell him and then blow really hard into the tube, it’s fun and sometimes you can get them to do it more than once, this is a very long rabbit trail now.) which will pull my shoulders back and help relieve tension.  I say, if you have back and sciatic pain from being pregnant then pay the money to get it fixed, I can’t believe the instant relief.  I went through my entire pregnancy last time hobbling around in a salon and not being able to walk at night, massage didn’t help it much.  My docs kept telling me there was nothing that could be done.  Well it totally can be, I’m so HAPPY!!  I vacuumed my floors yesterday which is a really bad motion for the sciatic and I didn’t feel it at all, later that night I could hop up from sitting and everything was fine!  Needless to say, I love my chiropractor, I wish he wasn’t married and I had a sister to marry him off to.  Dang.

I made more scones today, I’m addicted.  I used brown sugar today and cranberries.  I got mom-in-law excited to make them too, I’ll hook my mom in soon enough.  She’s busy.

Yesterday Auntie Juju and I took Silas to the park.  We enjoy just letting him wander around.  We just walk behind him and chat and divert him from any dangers.  Silas enjoys the doggies there SO much.  He even got a bunch of wonderful kisses from a puppy, right on the MOUTH!  Most moms would be grossed out, I was just jealous I wasn’t getting puppy kisses.  He still frightens doggies because he runs up to them squeaking (hopefully none will think he’s a squeeze toy and bite him) and then just kinda dives at them and they dodge and he falls over.  I can’t wait to get him a dog one day, now just isn’t the time.  Silas also ran up to some old man and grabbed onto his legs like he wanted up.  The old dude picked him up and said “DO I LOOK LIKE YOUR DADDY?”  his wife looked very embarrassed and made him put Silas down.  I didn’t mind, the old guy was pleased that Silas had chosen him.  I guess shyness isn’t something we’re going to have to deal with.  I’m feeling so chatty today!  One more paragraph and then I’ll try and think of someone to call or something, even though I’ve talked for about 2 hours on the phone today already!

Brent worked over 12 hours yesterday.  I got Silas ready for bed and then we waited for Brent to come home.  Silas was so happy to see Brent.  He was acting funny, like he knew he was missing someone but wasn’t sure.  He said DADA so happily and so loudly when he saw Brent, I got all teary because I could tell it totally was the highlight of Brent’s day to have such a warm welcome.  It’s funny, when I became a Mom I noticed that I feel most loved by Brent when he shows love to our son.  Us moms are so weird.  Ok, that’s all.  To those of you that got this far thanks for sticking with me!  I’m proud of you!!


  1. “It’s funny, when I became a Mom I noticed that I feel most loved by Brent when he shows love to our son. Us moms are so weird”

    Ain’t that the truth! I feel the same way when I see my DH with my son. My feelings of love just overflow when I see that. I even got some pics of them sleeping together, so cool, two bald heads!

    My son loves kittens, but DH is allergic. I am thinking fish tank because my son loves to watch my new aquarium screen saver. He can sit and watch forever AND NOT TOUCH THE COMPUTER.

  2. Coming home to my daughter is the highlight of my day. Each time I open the door, she’s there to greet with a big smile, even if she was crying seconds before. It’s great.

  3. Scones are great especially with lemon cream cheese icing. Hurrah for chiropractors, and for the good help you got.Think I should go see a chiropractor soon. I enjoyed the phone chat.

  4. Chiropractors scare the crap out of me. Actually, no, my inability to follow directions when I am nervous does. I hear chiros work wonders and I’ve tried to psych myself up to go, but what if I sneeze or laugh because I am very ticklish when s/he needs me to focus and exhale and it all goes horribly awry? Does getting adjusted make you nervous at all, even a little bit?

  5. ya I was scared out of my tree!! I think docs are trained enough to deal with ticklish people. It’ll go ok…if you’re in pain then I’d say go!! It took me a long time and a lot of pain to get up the nerve…now I can’t wait to see him every week!

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