I Love Peeing My Pants?

We had the strangest weather yesterday.  When I woke up, we were having freezing rain.  I watched as that stopped and then a while later it started to rain and then it started to pour and then suddenly everything was white with hail, then it stopped.  The sun shone for a while, it got cloudy, rained and hailed periodically and then it started snowing.  Later in the night we had a lot of fog.  Now, this morning, it’s sunny and everything is covered in snow.  WACKY!  It was like a year of our weather in review.  Except the terrible heat of the summer.

You know when you have this job to do around the house and you leave it for like a month (or like three in my case) because you don’t want to do it?  It bugs you that entire time but you still procrastinate and once you get the energy or courage to tackle it, it takes you 5 minutes.  I’ve done that with two things this week.  The windows and the gross mess under my sink where the garbage can is.  I can’t believe the minimal time and effort they took.  Ahhh the life of a procrastinator.  I think today I’ll tackle the fridge and rid it of the chicken noodle soup that’s been in there for over a month in an over-sized pot that’s taking up most of the top shelf.  There’s other leftovers that I was  supposed to freeze and never got around to it, which makes me mad because I’m trying to be miss frugal!!!   I need to do laundry too, it’s been sitting in color-coded piles in my room for a couple weeks now.  At least the piles are color coded?

Anyway, I wish I had more to ramble on about.  Well, I could keep going but I don’t want to over-do it and be like, the annoying blogger.  My blog today is already at a record high with the views, it’s at 130 (is that a lot?) and we have 5 more hours before the “day” ends (it ends at 4 my time) so I think it’s going to be a good blog day.  I just have to say though, people put the funniest things into search engines to get here.  The other day someone got here by typing in “pictures of mommies boobies leaking” I really don’t appreciate that!  Yesterday someone got here by typing “i love peeing my pants”.  Seriously folks!!  Almost every day there’s a hit from someone who’s googled “the boobie song” which is kind of my sisters fault.  Anyway, I thought that was funny.




This is Courtenay and her baby girl.


  1. When I first saw the blog stats for my blog, I couldn’t help but laugh at the search engine results that led people to my blog.. but also, I was confused and insulted. Haha! For Example:

    “Gained a lot of weight in 1st trimester”
    “baby with big nose ultrasound 20 weeks”

    and of course, neither really applied to me.. but I couldn’t help but get sort of… offended at google.
    🙂 Hope all is well.. and about that procrastinating thing, I’m right there with ya. My husband and I are moving the end of next week and I have maybe packed… one box. Okay, half of one box.

  2. Under the sink cleanup, been there exactly, glad you got it over with, way to go. Get that kind of weather over with before we come your way. Mom

  3. Just call me the procrastinator. This is the point of a blog, right? To put off the inevitable things that must be done by doing something pointless and self gratifying. Or maybe thats just me….

  4. I love seeing what people searched for. For the longest time I kept getting a search results for “odd boobs” I also saw today “feel like I was hit by a truck saying” I love seeing some of these. Sometimes I can’t figure out how they’ve gotten to my site by typing them – but they sure are great.

  5. Someone came to my blog looking for “loose man boobs” once… and I don’t even want to check what kind of weirdos visit my other blog.

    By the way, thanks for coming to visit my other blog! (TheSuperfluousNipple.blogspot.com) And yes, you can be my friend.

    Uh-oh, I just heard Milo (18 months) break something…

  6. I forget to freeze leftovers too, and then they become science experiments. Want me to send the Hazmat team to you once they’re done in my fridge?

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