A New Family Member!

So recently Brent and I have been pondering getting a pet. I’ve been searching through pet finder and looking at craigslist for just the perfect one. We didn’t want to commit to something that would require too much of our time but we definitely wanted something soft and cuddly. Both of us love so many different varieties of animals so it was hard to choose one both economical and fun for the whole family.

One day as I was searching craigslist when I came across Portia. She seemed like the PERFECT pet for us!! I was so excited when they brought her to my door last night. I immediately opened her cage and held her. She was so soft and fuzzy and lovable. Silas came over and held her as well, he loved how she tickled his neck as she crawled across it. We had a very fun evening with her.

Once the kids had their bath and were ready for bed we got Portia out for a cuddle before bed. Ikey grabbed onto her and tried to put her into his mouth so I swatted his hand out of panic and she dropped to the floor and scurried away. We hadn’t been able to find her again but I was sure she’d show up soon. She doesn’t move very fast, she’s just good at hiding. I was pretty sure she was still somewhere in Isaac’s room, just lurking around. I just hoped I don’t step on her in the night.

I felt really bad. We JUST got her and now she was lost somewhere. I went to bed with a knot in my stomach. But GOOD NEWS! When I went to get Ikey out of bed this morning Portia was in there with him!! Yay!! No more letting Isaac hold her for a while. But Silas is sure having a blast with her this morning.

Anyway, before she was able to escape we got a photo of her in her cage. I’ve put it in a link because some people are having a very hard time getting all the images on my page to load so I thought I’d do links for a while and see if it would work out better.

Click here for Portia!


  1. I was on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what pet you got …… but was not prepared for what I saw! haha! Great post!

  2. OH MY GOSH! I clicked on that picture expecting a picture of a guinie pig or a hampster! I HATE spiders! I almost through my laptop! ACCK! Tell me this is an April fool’s joke?

  3. Gotta say I’m more gullible than your other readers because I believed it till I read the comments…you’re good Leah.

  4. Yes – a ferret in your crib. It is true. Your family had a pet ferret — really. I, a visitor, went to your crib in the morning. There was that creature sound asleep cuddled up next to you. I had a fit.
    I detest the things. Ask your Ma.

  5. AWE, we were cuddling and you disturbed us!! That snow wiener. I remember that ferret, he always pooped in our shoes. I know most children don’t remember sleeping in a crib but when you’re forced to do so until you’re five you start making memories! Ha ha

  6. Ok, like Roselle I totally bought this! I was totally surprised when I opened the link..I was thinking mouse for some reason. Great post!

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