Oh What a Wonderful Morning.

This morning I called Leanne and she said “Lucas has been talking about Silas all morning” and then I said “Silas has been talking about Lucas all morning” so I was brave enough to skip Ikey’s morning nap and we went over for a wonderful playtime.  They do so well over there and they play very nicely until we get too close to nap time.  We were so impressed with how wonderful they played.  Lucas is definitely in his prime in his own house and Silas LOVES going over there to play with new toys.

The highlights were watching all three boys take a little ride in the amazing wagon that Leanne has.  Ikey sat on the bench right beside Lucas (he couldn’t squish in next to fat Silas) and Lucas had his arm around him the whole way, adorable.  Also watching Silas decide that for him time out he was going to sit on his boot.  And the glorious coffee and the company of another adult.  priceless.

Ikey is now sleepily sucking away on me as he’s beyond tired.

It was a lovely morning.  Especially the salmon and cheese quesadillas with ranch dressing and pork and beans 🙂

For those of you who haven’t looked, scroll down to Saturday’s post.  It always makes me smile.  Isaac was making the most hilarious faces for the camera.  Some of them are normal Ikey but most of them he’s being really silly.  Plus his hair is chalked full of crusty food, he’s got scabs all over himself and he’s wearing a stained sleeper.  Another proud Mommy moment.


  1. Your playtime with Leanne sounds like you had a great time…and even the boys had some fun from what I gathered. Good good.

  2. Adults! My poor daycare Mom’s probably think I’m crazy. I talk their ears off in the mornings and at night when they pick kids up. I’m so excited to see another adult that I freak out and think they must hear everything I’ve done and know about 🙂 hehe Just to have conversation with an adult I can tell them all exactly what time and how much their kids peed and pood and everything – okay not how much. After all day conversation with a 3 year old and 9 month old I’m dying for some adult time. Tomorrow I’ll have a 5 year old to talk to! And an 18 month old! WooHoo!

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