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I’m sooooo sneezy right now.  The inevitable has happened and I’ve joined the seasonal allergy party, I guess it took me 25 years to join…I had them a bit last year too.  BLUUAAAHHH.

So, I’ve been a bit AWOL haven’t I?  That week at my mom’s was slightly hellish seeing that we were all really sick and ya, so sick.  I’m still quite nauseated and now I’m sneezing up a storm thanks to the lady with the leaf blower blowing all kinds of allergens up my nose.  GRRRRRR.

Today is a Pepto Bismol and Clariten kinda day.

I took Ikey to the walk in today, the doc didn’t seem dreadfully concerned that he’s had a fever for a week.  Oh well.  I’m supposed to bring him back if it persists a few more days.  Jeepers.

Anyway, so I’m alive…kinda…I might sneeze my soul out of my own body soon if these allergies persist.

Have a grand monday…and…tell me, why am I so nauseous!???


  1. Preggers? Just kidding!
    You could move to the temperate rain forest like me, and since it rains so much you don’t have to worry about allergies….just a thought! 😉

  2. I hate to admit it grand daughter, but your sneezies probably came from me. Right now I’m consuming my share of allergie meds.

  3. You could at least post a picture of that feverish li’l monster…

    Theory on nausea: coughing makes tummy muscles tense. I’ve actually had a massage therapist find a knot in my stomach muscles once. He worked it out and the nausea got better.

  4. Nausea — humuum! By the way, the
    sneezes and blowing come from Gramps side of the family. Gram

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