PreSchool?? Ohhh yaaaaaaaaaa

I kinda…forgot…or perhaps procrastinated on the whole preschool thing.  We’re so going to be stuck in an afternoon class, oh well.  Why do you have to sign up so early??

I think I’ll register him with the same kind of preschool that Lucas is going to, their wait lists aren’t long.  Then I’ll see about the one right close to my house.

Preschool.  Yipes.  So soon?  I’ll be signing Ikey up for it next spring too.  Gosh time flies.

I had a phone call today, they have an aid for Silas so he’ll for sure have one in preschool.  They were expecting me to have him signed up already.  Unfortunately I suck at getting these things done.  Cest la vie!  I’m sure things will be ok.  I just gotta get my butt in gear.  I don’t mind an afternoon class, nap time can be later.  It’s all good.  At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

I’ve kinda left the whole cleanse thing behind at the moment.  With being sick, you just need to eat what you feel like eating.  Lately I’ve been wanting sandwiches…I think cuz they pack a big punch nutrient-wise.  I make healthy ones of course.

Being sick has kept me on this weight loss track, although, I’ll need to start exercising again soon if I’m going to stay here, not eating for a week isn’t a good way to lose weight and then keep it off.  But I did lose a few pounds.  Man, this Christmas blubber is sure hard to get off.  I was doing so well before xmas.  But I’m out of the 150’s again which is nice,  130’s are sooooo close…yet soooo far away.

It seems as I get older I can’t just change a little habit and lose a bunch of weight like I used to.  This might involve a lot of work now.  It’s not falling off like it used to.  The first time I went off dairy products I lost 10 pounds in a week.  I was like 115 pounds….oh my goodness.  Too skinny for me.

Anyway, I am better today, just really really sleepy.  On that note, I think I’ll nap.



  1. I’m not good at getting those kind of things done either, so you’re not the only one. I truly suck at mailing things out.

    I love losing weight from being sick! I had my widsom teeth pulled out & had another surgery one summer and lost 20 pounds.

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