I’m almost better now!  It’s weird to feel normal.  It makes me full of glee.  The other thing that makes me full of glee is that my children are still napping and it’s 5:00, they have to go to bed in 2 hours.  I like that.  I like that a lot.

The outlaws are coming today, they should be here momentarily.  My house is all shiny, which is weird because almost all of it is clean, all at once.  Less a bit of dusting and um…there’s a situation in my pantry.  Other than that, I’m enjoying the all around gleam of things.  I wonder how long it’ll last??  Oh yes, that’s indeed where the discouragement lies.

ANNNYWAY, I got Silas on the list for freaking preschool.  I will not say which preschool as I do not want to give away any locations.  I’m stoked though, excited that he’ll have something to do other than hang out with me all day.  I’m also very stoked to get ABA therapy started, another 2 hours a day where he’ll be doing something other than just hanging out with me.

I need to find more activities for my kids.  Autism and peanut allergies really freaking ruin things quite a bit.  I wonder if there’s a playgroup for kids with autism and nut allergies combined??  Who knows.

But seriously, my kids are bored and I haven’t the foggiest idea of what to do with them.  I sit and ponder and my mind comes up blank.  I know how to rough house and play with “pee doo” (playdough) and color annnnnnnnd, then I draw a blank.  I wish I had all these fun activities up my sleeves.  Ikey enjoys helping me clean but he mostly enjoys getting into things whilst shoving his hand down his pants.  Then I say “Ikey get your hand outta your bum” and he pulls it out and shoves it back in 2 minutes later.  Yes his BUM, not so much his wee willy wonka….his bum bum.

We’ve been calling him caveman, it just seems fitting.  I think that child could survive and turn into a wild ferral child if we left him out in the wild.  He’s a cave man.

Annyway, husband is home.  Enjoy your wednesday night.  You know what Wednesday night is….

How many of you giggled?


  1. Go to the library for play ideas! There’s a book called “Play & Learn”. Or “Games to Play with Toddlers”. Do something with macaroni!

  2. If your boys like little cars, put a cup of flour on the table and let them build roads, mountains, etc. and drive their cars. My son loved this as a youngster.

    You will have a mess to clean after they are finished, but it’s worth it.

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