Quick Hellooo

Husband is cooking supper for his parents, I’m sipping some delicious Naked Grape Merlot.  Kids are coloring at the table.  My eyes are burning from the onion fumes.  It’s allllllllllllllllllllllllllll good.

Now Ikey is throwing everything he can reach off the table.  Naughty boy.

We went swimming at the hotel today.  My kids were VERY managable.  I think I could take them to the pool now, especially if Leanne comes.  Leanne…we should do the pool once a week…no??  Yes lets.

They both leaped off the edge of the pool over and over and over and over and over and over again.  Both getting their whole heads and faces submerged every time but they both went back for more.  My little water boys, I didn’t want to leave the pool just as much as they didn’t want to.  They take after their mommy in that respect.  I come from a long long double lineage of fish.

I gave myself a haircut today, I always do that but never mention it.  I just like this haircut in particular.  Lots of layers in front, hopefully resulting in lots of body, even after a day or two 🙂  I’m thinking it’s gooooood.  It’s the longest it’s ever been so I thought I’d take off a few inches at the bottom so it looks a bit fuller.  I was feeling scraggly.  I feel fresh now.

Well, supper is ready.  Pasta ala Brently.  Which is a recipe stolen from Jill, minus the goat cheese cuz it’s dang expensive.

Later y’all.  I’ll give you another funny video to make you giggle.  It’s a little dirty, just so ya know.  Don’t watch it grandma.


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