We’re sick again.  Say WHAAAAT?  Yes I’m coughing up some sort of flavorful substance.  All of our noses are oozing.  I wont even tell you the size and color of what came out of my nose this morning (BIG and ORANGE).  Ikey’s eyes are oozing as well.  We’re just a bit ball of mucous over here…yummy.

I’m tired of being sick, I’m ticked that we’re all sick again.  These weeks were supposed to be filled with all of these great things to start me on my journey to NOT being depressed.  Instead I’ve been sick the whole time and I feel more depressed than I did before.  Stupid sickness.  GRRRRRRRR.

Our Easter went well, it was sorta spread out over the weekend.  The kids enjoyed loads of swimming and chocolate.  The adults had a supper last night at The Keg where we pigged out on crab and steak.  It was delicious.

Anyway, I’m too sick to blog.  Love you all…someone make me some soup!!

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