Wacky Wednesday!!

I’m sure some of you have forgotten about Bags for Zaza which is a fundraiser my sister is doing for her sister in law’s adoption of a little girl from Colombia.

She uses 100% recycled fabrics that she gets from donations or from second hand stores and she sews these fabulous bags which I love love love.  She actually has a team of sewers that contribute to the cause.  The bags go up for auction once a week.

Anyway, tonight she is having a crazy sale type thingy.  She has a few different kinda of products up for sale (so cute I’ve seen them all).  It’s so worth a look.

The products will all be posted at 8pm (PDT). There will be NO bidding – just one flat rate which will INCLUDE postage. Isn’t that exciting? So, it will be first come first serve. That’s why I’m warning you ahead of time. You’ll just hafta post a comment that says “Mine!” along with your name … and that’s it!

Anyway, be sure to show up to claim your item.  all proceeds go to the adoption of the beautful little colombian girl!

CLICK HERE to check out her site!


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