All Bashed Up

Yesterday Isaac decided it would be fun to climb up on our toddler chair in the bathroom.  I was sitting down to relieve myself and he fell face first into the cupboards.  Instant goose egg and bruise on the fore head, bleeding gums, split chin.  YIKES.  Poor kiddo had to lay there for ice and cleaning and a bandaid.  He looks pretty beat up right now.  But he’s still gosh darn cute!!!!

Like my new header??  I’ve been waiting for a photo such as this for this blog since the moment I started it.  Our weekend away gave me the perfect moment and wah-la…the perfect image of an informal matriarch.  Wooot.  I guess a crying child pulling my hair would have added to it maybe.  But, for the most part, it’s perfection.  But I read a cosmo like once every 4 years so it’s not very honest ha ha.  It would take about 4 years to add all of their tips from one mag to my schedule!

I’m slowly learning new things about autism.  My family is going to HATE me when I put him on a gluten cassien free diet…apparently we’ll need to avoid those foods as crazily as we avoid peanuts.  Ready family?? I’m sure NOT.  But it’ll make me skinny so that’s exciting.  Stupidly skinny hopefully ha ha.  Some kids do amazing on the diet so I we gotta give it a try.  When will we start it?? No idea.  Soon.  Bye cheese, bye butter….bye bread….bye all bran buds :(.

I was pretty tired and depressed yesterday.  I woke up this morning and realized part of it was me fighting off a cold.  Right now my body is winning but we’ll see.  There’s just lots of unorganized info about autism out there.  I’ve found a few single people that I can IM when I have questions.  I’ve learned more from them than anyone.  An ADD mama trying to read about autism on the net.  Scary stuff.

So far I know that the spinning and lining up that Silas does is called “stimming”.  It can be both stimulating and relaxing to them.  I’ve also learned that the excessive cuddling is an autism thing too.  I always wrote off that he had autism because of the snuggles.  They need to change things about that because not all kids with autism hate being touched.  Mine thrives off it.

Anyway, enjoy your day.  I’m off to learn more.


  1. okay, so I havenèt had blog reading time for a while. And I am just now learning about this diagnosis, and my stomach is turning for you. I hope that is okay to say, I mean that when we as parents learn diagnoses for our kids, it hurts like we have just had a huge knife shoved into our tender skin. I wish there was more to say…
    My heart is with you and Brent.

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