100 Things About Me Part III

K this is going to be harder now….here’s part one and part two if you’re interested.

51. In Bible College I was dating this guy named Colin.  We were hanging out when all of a sudden he pointed at Brent and said “Brent is the nicest and hottest guy in our school, the girl that marries him is the luckiest girl”.  I looked at him funny and said “okaaaaaay whatever” and 3 years and bit later I married Brent 🙂  Colin is pretty proud of that one.

52. Since starting composting I have brought down my household waste by 50% and I’m really stinking proud of that one.  1 garbage bin and I have 2 kids in diapers.  I should switch to cloth, it’d bring it down another 50%

53. Every morning I have to talk myself into having green tea instead of coffee, tea usually wins.

54.  I’m pretty proud of my character, just not always proud of my actions.

55. I love to blog

56. Sitting in a hot shower is in my top 10 favorite things to do.

57. I’m lame and I normally buy my favorite shirt in a million different colors.  Usually the racer back tank tops.

58. I crave salt more than sugar

59. My favorite wine is Naked Grape Merlot

60. I hate pop, never ever drink it

61. I never allow myself to buy junk food at the grocery store or I’ll eat it ALL for breakfast.  I’m not even tempted to buy it anymore.

62. I count things, like steps or my chops as I’m cutting up food.  I never make note of the final number though.

63. I’m not sensitive to bright lights or loud noses.

64. I never step on lines or cracks unless I have to.

65. I’m pretty certain I have the best husband in the world.

66. I don’t know what I want to do when I grow up.

67. I hardly ever take care of my nails, I usually can’t be bothered.

68. I like a really soft bed to sleep in

69. I love being outside, getting myself outside is what I hate.

70. I love fishing lots and lots.

71. I’m trying to write a song for Silas about his autism but it just makes me cry.

72. Speaking of crying, I cry about almost anything I see on TV.  Brent doesn’t know cuz I usually hide it.

73. Even though I’m a super cuddly person, when I’m pregnant I go through a phase where I don’t want anyone NEAR me.

74. I wish I had enough money to live a completely eco-friendly life.

75. the taste of left over chicken has started grossing me out a little lately


  1. You sound pretty kick butt to me. I need to do this too. You just type 100 thing about yourself, LOL I am not sure I know 100 things about me I would want to share!!–Lollie/Christi

  2. Leah – What a beautiful picture of you among the bubbles. I have been wanting to go to Los Angeles over our Thanksgiving holiday. (I”ll have to start brain washing your Grandfather.) Love, Gram

  3. I HATE the taste of re-heated chicken! I am so happy to have found someone who knows what I’m talking about!

    Thinking ’bout you lots these days Leah.

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