Stress Freeee

Thanks for all the comments you’ve been giving me guys, they make me feel so great.  I’ve been bad at responding to them but just so you all know, they mean SO much to me.

Something miraculous is happening in my household, I’m so excited!!  Brent’s new job has taken away this big big big pile of stress on him.  Every day he looks, feels, acts lighter.  Like a MASSIVE weight has been taken off his shoulders.  It’s just been so neat to see him come alive again.  I’m so happy for him!!! And for me!! ha ha.

It just didn’t come at a better time.  This autism thing would have been a lot scarrier knowing Brent had so much on his shoulders already.  But his main stress now is what happens at home, and that’s just how I like it 🙂  All of him can be present for the journey we’re about to embark on and that’s SO good.

Timing has just been perfect for this.  Phewf


  1. So glad that Brent is relieved of so much stress.
    I know what that means. At one time, Gramps was under stress because of a situation at work. When he got home we would go for a walk so he could relax some. We are proud of Brent – you made a good choice thank goodness. Tomorrow, we are going with a senior group to Mr. Rainier, lunch and sight seeing. Looking forward to the trip. Love, Gram

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