Silas climbs onto my lap as I’m sitting on the couch, gives me his sparkly eyed smile and begins to bounce, so hard that it’s beginning to hurt.  I shift so his bony bum begins hitting the couch and not my poor thighs.  His face is so happy so I try to not be annoyed by the jumping bean who’s bothering my lap and I enjoy him for a moment.

He smiles and comes in close. “Esimo kiss?” he says as he presses his nose against mine.  We rub noses back and forth back and forth.  I love being so close to him, feeling his warmth and his soft skin.  I just hold on tight and pray for the safety of my poor nose.

Suddenly he’s buried his face in my arm and concentrates. Trying to flutter his eyelashes against my arm, it’s not working so he grabs my face and goes for my cheeks giving me the best butterfly kiss I’ve ever been given.  I giggle and I can tell he’s so pleased with himself.  I can’t get over the twinkle in that boy’s eye.

He proceeds to grab my lips with his fingers and presses them together.  He blows air out of his mouth in an attempt to get me to do the same thing, I oblige and out comes the beloved farty noise that will make any male aged 0-500 break out in laughter.  He is delighted and tries to do it himself, spraying spit all over me.

I notice Ikey is finally done his breakfast, after consuming food for a straight hour.  A good reason to avoid the spit that’s flying my way.  I gently wipe away the layers of berries and oatmeal and kiss his damp skin once it emerges.  I lift him up by the armpits and his body dangles down as I check for any mush on his sleeper.  his legs start kicking and he gives me a big sparkly grin.

Silas sits down to a slice of bread and I have Ikey all to myself.  He throws the blanket off the couch and uses it to boost himself up on the couch.  He frantically goes for anything he can get his hands on but I beat him to it.

We proceed to play a game of “on your bum”.  He stands up, I make him sit on his bum.  He’s delighted.  Over and over we play it while he giggles and I sneak in as many kisses and hugs as I can possibly fit.

Very soon it’s time for Ikey’s nap.  I tell Ikey it’s time to go upstairs and both boys run over and make their way up.  Ikey makes a break for the bathroom and I nab him.  He’s mad and tries to get down, growling at me.  It takes him about 5 seconds to calm down and I think “Is that all you’ve got kid?  Have you not learned a thing from your brother?”

I place him in bed and he says “night night”.  Silas helps by turning on the music and the fan for white noise and we come out here, Silas sits his warm bum down on my lap to watch you tube videos while I write to you.  Little does he know I’m fully enjoying his warm little bum, the softness of his hair against my cheek and the smell of his sweet breath.  He recites all the words to his beloved videos.

You know, even with the autism.  I am SO SO SO SO blessed.  These kids are a dream.





  1. I’ve been following your blog for awhile (I’m friends with Leanne R) & have left a few comments along the way. You have mentioned that with Silas having Autism that you are looking for gluten-free items. I just want to let you know that I sell Epicure Selections (herbs, spices, etc), most of which are gluten-free (and we don’t add nuts to any of our products either). I don’t want to harrass you, I just want to put the offer out there in case you are interested. If you want to check out Epicure’s website, it’s If you’re interested in ordering any of our products or have any questions, please feel free to contact me: No pressure, just wanted to make the information available to you.
    ~ Leanne O
    PS: I love reading how much you love your sons; you are doing a great job with Silas & helping him thrive.

  2. Girl those are the most handsome little boys I have ever seen. I have 2 nephews I adore, but I think yours must take the cake to them, shhhh they are my step-nephews so it is cool for me to say that.

    I am glad you have such a great attitude. You are such a special woman that is why God has allowed this to happen to you, so you can set an example for other mothers in the same shoes. You have a gift to share, keep blogging I think that is one way you can share your Gift….xoxo Christi

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