Alright, I Admit, I’m Depressed

Symptoms of depression from Mental Health America

  • Persistent sad, anxious or “empty” mood n Changes in sleep patterns – CHECK very sad and very empty.  Sleep is ok
  • Reduced appetite and weight loss, or increased appetite and weight gain – CHECK
  • Loss of pleasure and interest in once-enjoyable activities, including sex- errr CHECK to parts of that 😛
  • Restlessness, irritability – CHECK
  • Persistent physical symptoms that do not respond to treatment, such as chronic pain or digestive disorders – CHECK IBS is acting up
  • Difficulty concentrating at work or at school, or difficulty remembering things or making decisions – CHECK can hardly focus on blogging, reading, remembering, and I hardly can make a dedcision
  • Fatigue or loss of energy- CHECK CHECK CHECK CHECK it’s really bad
  • Feeling guilty, hopeless or worthless- ugh…yes yes yes CHECK
  • Thoughts of suicide or death- NOPE!

“If you experience five or more of these symptoms for two weeks or longer, you could have clinical depression. See a doctor or qualified mental health professional for help, right away.”


I’m reading about depression and anxiety and social anxiety, they all fit with me, they all explain how I am lately.

Depression creeps up on me sometimes and I don’t notice it.

I’m seriously pondering medication.  It takes a lot for me to ponder such things.  I can easily get myself out of depression but not when I have two other little people taking the last little bits of energy from me.  I wonder if drugs would put me in a better mind frame to be a better mommy for my kids.  Right now I can’t do much more than sit around all day.  I think I might try.

Don’t be sad for me.  I just need to acknowledge it, try it out…move forward.  Just thought I’d let you in on the process.


  1. Meds create space for us to put our energy into what we really want to. Way to have the courage to consider it!

  2. Have you seen a therapist? A “therapist” could also mean a life coach which could certainly help in your situation.

    Also, for your health problems you should try a naturopath. I have “IBS” but some doctors actually look for the root cause rather than say “take fiber and pepto.”

  3. I would HIGHLY recommend medication and therapy- I am on Zoloft and I truly could not function without it! I considered adopting a while back and they declined me due to being on the Zoloft- but I decided to stay on it anyway and not adopt so that I could be the best mommy I can be for my little guy. I hope you get to feeling better soon- I know how it feels and it stinks 🙁

  4. Leah – you have to take care of yourself so you can be your best for your little guys. You have a lot going on right now with all of Silas’ appointments, but you have to do this for you and your family.

    I’m also going through some stuff right now and working on it because I’m tired of not being motivated or generally happy – thanks to my genetic make-up.

    Being a Mom is the hardest job ever and especially when we have a few extra things thrown in…


  5. I too debated for a long time whether or not to go on medication for depression. I finally decided to go for it and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done to help myself – I wish that I had done it years ago. It truly does give one the space to get out of crisis mode and get some perspective. I went onto Cipralex (which I’m still on) with an eye towards getting myself to a place where I could start to actually process and deal with my issues. I couldn’t do that while I was in the depths of depression. I hope this helps!

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