An Angel?

Sometimes I wonder if little Isaac came from an extra special place with an extra special mission for our family.  I know it sounds crazy, but sometimes I get pretty crazy 🙂

Ikey wasn’t planned.  Too much info or not, he’s a product of the very first time my husband and I were negligent about birth control.  Totally out of character for us.  I didn’t want him, I didn’t want him to be a him.  I knew he’d be a blessing but it took me a long time to accept the fact that my not even 1 year old will soon be a big brother.  Little did I know what magic this boy would bring to our family.

Now he’s almost two and I see the good things he’s done.  I see how he’s going to fit into our family and make our situation better then it ever has been.  And yes, sometimes I wonder if he’s an angel.  Not that I believe that an angel would manifest it’self as a baby.  I just think he has a little extra purpose, perhaps his presence in our family was a bit of a divine appointment.  This is coming from a person who doesn’t believe in “everything is meant to be” kinda thing.

Isaac compliments Silas so well and vice versa.  The other day I took Isaac out to visit Courtenay and we didn’t bring Silas.  Isaac was suddenly shy and introverted, I could tell he felt weird being away from his brother in a situation like that.  It melted my heart.

These boys do fight, they do get mad at each other, that’s bound to happen.  But they way they share, the way Ikey will willingly give Silas a big bite of his own brownie even though he knows Silas gobbled his own brownie down in two seconds.  Isaac pays attention and knows how to bring Silas things he needs.  Silas is crying and up walks Isaac with Silas’ sucky and smooshie.  Silas shares well with Isaac as well.  They take turns nicely, they make an incredible pair.  Isaac can also count and do his ABC’s, because Silas recites both about 1000 times a day.

The other day I was feeling incredibly low.  I was sitting in Isaac’s crib with him because he wanted a snuggle.  I began crying and Ikey looked at me and whispered over and over “it’s ok it’s ok it’s ok” as he pulled the hair out of my face and rubbed my head for me.  Angel?

The other day I was getting ready to take the boys for a walk.  I was getting Silas’ diaper changed and I knew what pair of pants I wanted Silas to wear but I had no idea where they were in my clean laundry heap and I was dreading finding them.  All of this took place in my head.  Up walks Ikey with the pair of exact pants in his hands, he throws them at me and then runs and brings over a pair of socks as well.  My little angel :).

Despite the fact that he was a nightmare to nurse, that he’s constantly covered in crust and goop, that he’s the kid that tries to shove a sandwich into the VCR…he gives us much much much more than he takes away.  He’s the happy go lucky smiley wonderful boy that flirts with strangers in the grocery store.  He’s incredibly intuitive, resourceful, observant, and he’s stinking adorable to boot.

Now that he’s 11 days away from being two, I’m sad that I’m losing a baby but I’m SO excited to see all the blessings he’ll bring to our family.  He’s soon going to pass his brother with many skills and most likely take over the roll of big brother.  There’s no other person in the world that I would choose for Silas as a sibling, no one.  And that makes me cry.  Because he’s perfect, he’s with us for a reason and I hope I can bless him as much as he blesses me.

Ikey chasing ants at my mom’s house last weekend.

he loves being splashed.  I threw a big rock into the water right infront of him.
he loves being splashed. I threw a big rock into the water right infront of him.
getting filthy of course
getting filthy of course
Finally some good photos of the two together.
Finally some good photos of the two together.
The angel is sinning?  ha ha ha ha
The angel is sinning? ha ha ha ha


  1. I love these pics! Especially the middle finger shot- I have a couple of my son doing the same…. good blackmail material! I am happy for you that you have your little man in your life- Silas will need him as he grows up- it is such a hard thing to want more than one child and to decide to not have more because your hands are so full with the first one’s special needs. At least this way you did not have to decide and look what a blessing he is- enjoy him- I think he is an angel!

  2. beautiful pictures – and the story about you crying and Isaac comforting you is sooo sweet – had to choke back tears. 🙂

  3. This post made me cry, because it was so full of love! I wish every child was blessed with a mom like you loving her children so so much! And the pix are really cute too.

  4. I know I’m hormonal already while I’m getting used to this whole breast feeding thing, but you totally made me cry. Jerk. I really cant wait to see how Emily and Avery interact like your boys do. fighting and giving kisses.

  5. I choked up, too.

    This morning I was wiping the counter and cupping my hand under the edge to catch the crumbs and I remembered Ikey doing that up at Grandma’s. He was trying so hard to help clean up.

    He really is a doll. And a Wild Thing. And a Cave Man. And an Angel.

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