The Best Weekend

I’ve been a horrible horrible naughty naughty blogger this week.  I know I know…shhhhhhhh…it’s ok.

Last weekend started off with a phone call to my husband, some convincing that of course I can get my parents to pay for gas and then a quick phone call to my step-dad telling him that I’m holding his Grandchildren ransom but he can see them if he spots us some gas money.  Promises of Ikey and Silas are enough to get that man to do just about anything.  So we went, it was completely last minute but we went!

We arrived at 10 PM, the children were watching a Stomp video, Ikey had his hand over one eye, peering through his fingers, mesmorized but obviously wondering why he’s still awake.  I was wondering the same thing too.  I couldn’t believe they were still awake.

They got their 2nd 3rd wind when we got there but passed out the moment they were in bed.  PHEW.

I had the best time.  What a relaxing weekend.  What a WONDERFUL time that was.  It totally redeemed the previous time I had went.  You know, with a lung infection, two really sick kids, a mom possibly dying from ferocious blood clots in her lungs.  A whole week with no husband to help me with the kids, but we’re all sick.  I was pretty sure there’d be lefotver demons from that week when I got there but nope, a sense of peace wrapped it’s arms around me, as it always does when I go home, and I felt great.  It’s a place of peace, I love it.

My favorite part was going to a property my parents own with the kids.  It’s 160-ish acres of goodness.  There’s a creek, there’s old fallen down log buildings, it’s beautiful.  One of my favorite places.

I have many photos of the weekend but I am having a hard time deciding which ones to show you.  I tried to make a flickr album (I hate flickr) but it was too big.  Decisions decisions.  I’ll find a way, I promise.

I love hanging out with my family.  The first thing we do when getting to a place like the property is…well…we play.  We’re in the water, we’re trying to cross the river on skinny logs, we’re climbing things, goofing around, exploring.  I love that about us.  We have fun.

Watching Silas play in the mud, sleeping in different beds every night, being sooooo happy his whole stay there despite the complete lack of routine and normalcy, I couldn’t see the autism.  Where is it?  He’s fallen asleep snuggled with my mom.  He’s throwing rocks into a river, he’s happily driving 4 hours home in a car.  Where’s the autism??  No idea.

Speaking of his autism.  How is he making leaps and bounds without therapy?  Am I doing something right?  Because I never feel like I do anything right.  We received Mannabears from my MIL (THANKS ROSELLE!!).  I have no idea what they do or why they work or anything.  Some sory of something but lots of autism parents claim they help.  So I’ve been stuffing my kids with them and trying to not stuff myself with them (they taste good).  Yesterday I was sitting in this very same spot thinking that Silas’ language has come leaps and bounds these past two days.  Oh the thing he says.  Then moments later I remember he’s been taking Mannabears these past few days.  Is there a coorelation?  No idea, but it looks fishy to me.  This morning he was looking for his sucky and said “I’m going to go find it”.  At the park a van on kids unloaded and Silas looked at them and said “Hi kids!!”.  Sounds like normal 3 year old banter but, not THIS 3 year old.  I didn’t even know he knew what a kid was!

So exciting to see changes in him.  He’s so bright and sparkly lately.  I’m very starry-eyed about him lately.  I guess that goes to say he’s not tantrumming so much these days ha ha.



  1. So what are mannabears? We have started the GFCF diet about 2 weeks ago and Lukey is starting to spontaneously talk more- we are very excited!

  2. So, first thing in the morning when I said, “Hey you’re cold,” and he replied by saying, “No, I am not … A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z … I am the alphabet.” That wasn’t autism? It seemed like it at the time, but now that I think about it, it was way too imaginative. I quite adore the little chap, too. So amazing to hear him say more original things these days.

    And the frog – oh how is eyes sparked and danced when he was holding that frog. Can’t wait until the world gets to see that photo.

    1. I didn’t say I didn’t see autism the whole weekend. He was just doing so many fantastically non autistic things. “I am the alphabet” was semi echolalic as was reciting it for the 100 000 000th time in his life.

  3. My question also. What are the mannabears?????And lets keep up the exciting changes.

      1. but she didn’t say it was hogwash when I told her about Silas’ reaction…she told me it was hogwash when I was a teenager….and I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard her say “hogwash” before…I’m using creative license here.

  4. My aunt and family are very into Mannatech stuff. My aunt has had a lot of help with a variety of health issues she has, including Crohn’s.
    I love Mannabears too, sooo yummy.

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