And The Winner Is…


I can’t believe she just won that!!

I almost made up a name for myself and rigged the draw so I’d win.  Alas…set your eyes on the CAUSE LEAH…THE CAUSE!!

Anyway, if any of you are joining me for the cleanse then just know I wont be blogging until Tuesday morning and the cleanse will have started.  Over the weekend you need to research how to do the cleanse (it’s easy) and buy your supplies.  Just google Master Cleanse or Lemon Juice cleanse and you’ll find it.  There’s a book you can buy but other sites have all the recipes and stuff.  Don’t forget the laxative tea and that you need SEA SALT and not just regular salt for your flush.  I hope some people join me.  You don’t have to do the whole thing with me.  It’d just be fun to have someone else in agony too 🙂  You in Mommy??  I’m hoping for some wicked awesome results.  Especially in the energy and fat areas.


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